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    Re: CB Thanks I'm going to sing Sakho, because the others are in huma teams and would be very difficult to buy them.
  2. Respuesta: Rising back (80-83) Any player please?
  3. Respuesta: Rising defender (80-85) Thank you very much guys, you help me a lot! And a rising LM,DM or winger of this type?
  4. Re: Rising defender (80-85) Thaks, but Vrjalko is loaned by another team (he was in my list) and Aston Villa is managed by a human coach, so is difficult to buy him.
  5. Respuesta: Rising defender (80-85) I prefer centre deffenders, but if there are good wings I want to And Contento is loaned by another team, but thanks
  6. Respuesta: Help with young team Thanks! Gezza, i'm catalan so all the names that you gave me of the spanish league i know and I have few of them like Thiago or Isco. But thank you for your list, are a lot of names that will help me.
  7. Respuesta: Help with young team Thanks! I was asking about young players betwenn 70 and 80 that will rise up to 80 or more in the next revisions. I have a new team in a low division and i want this kind of players to improve my team. Thanks again.
  8. Respuesta: Help with young team Please, can anyone say me something? Thanks
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