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  1. I have Nilmar, it's good deal for me? None of the two will be a started on my team. thanks!
  2. I Have Rodigues and Mceachran. This is my team: Alves P.Jones Hummels Badsturber Sahin Muller Thiago Young Lucas Alexis Ebecilio It's good deal for me?
  3. Who is the best player for deal now? I need all alike for my team.
  4. Hi guys! On July 30, I can they will be available Drogba and Di Maria. Drogba would be in first-team. Di Maria would be rotating with Lisandro and Pato. Which is the best option? thanks!
  5. Respuesta: diego godin or kjaer? Godín, he plays in Atletico de Madrid, and is the best defender of the team. Go for Godin,
  6. Respuesta: Who is the best CM to sign base on real life? Now: Xavi Tomorrow: Cesc On future: Thiago Alcántara
  7. I Have Gareth Bale and Ola John. They will be reserve in my team...Who is the best deal for me?
  8. Respuesta: Javier Pastore vs Miralen Pjanic vs Javi Martinez 1-Pastore 2-Javi Martinez 3-Pjanic
  9. Respuesta: Spend young player And... My help??? Nilmar + Siem De Jong = Marcelo or Di Maria Or Gareth Bale + 1M = Marcelo Or Nilmar + Rodrigues Lucas = Kaka Or Nilmar + De Jong + 1M = Drogba All deals are to external club. THANKS!!!
  10. Respuesta: Xavi + Aguero = Ronaldo 97 + 94 = 98!!! No. Xavi is the best midfielder in the word, he will stay 96+, he will be for at least 3 years. Agüero stay on 94, and he have possibility rise to 95+ if he go to big team. Definitively do not do it.
  11. hi guys! I need spend one of theese players to buy Marcelo, Di Maria, Kaka or Drogba.(They are the only ones that stay in the world 92+) -Siem De Jong. -Marco Reus. -Marc Albrington. -James Rodriguez. What player should sell? What player should buy? tkanks!
  12. I Have L.Suarez and Ranoccia, They are of my bench. It's good deal for me, Cesc is of an external club. thanks!!
  13. I have Piqué, it's good deal for me?? My defenses are A.Cole, Pepe, Thymoshuk, W.Samuel, Rannoccia and Gareth Bale. thanks!!
  14. Respuesta: Eto'o for Nilmar + Chicharito + 9M My team is; Julio César Mexes Piqué A.Cole Thymoshuk Ranoccia G.Bale Pepe N.Sahin D.Alves Sneijder Cambiasso M.Ozil Gervinho Khedira L.Suárez Valencia Pato A.Robben Chicharito Lisandro L.
  15. Respuesta: Eto'o for Nilmar + Chicharito + 9M More Help pleasee! Thanks!!!
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