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  1. Re: Yoann Gourcuff Isn't Yoann Gourcuff playing well for club and country?
  2. Re: Lowest rating for top performances? overmars will fabio quagliarella rise??? and it is hard to find consistent players play 8/10 do u know any striker whose rising to 91/92 cuz i'm going to sell my fabio quagliarella
  3. Re: Honda or Dzagoev? Ya, In "Football Asia":p <<<(p.s. not laughing at ur comment but the programme)
  4. Will Gourcuff rise or just stay 92?And is it worth swaping Quagliarella for Valbuena?
  5. Re: Honda or Dzagoev? It's hard to say both are bright stars at CSKA Moscow
  6. Re: Center back Bonucci Sakho Alderweireld
  7. Re: Hulk vs Cavani I would prefer Cavani and are you sure about the Portugese Rooney thing? cuz i never heard of it And can anybody tell me it is worth to swap Fabio Quagliarella for Mathieu Valbuena ???
  8. Re: WHo should I sell?? Bruno,I have Fabio Quagliarella, it is worth to swap for Mathiue Valbuena?
  9. Re: WHo should I sell?? How about Thiago Motta and Chivu?SHould i sell for cash or try to use it to exchange for Valbuena?Because Gourcuff is owned by Barcelona and she said she only accepts cash about 18m
  10. Re: WHo should I sell?? Hard to get 13m for naldo, now i only get a 11.5m offer by (external) clubs.Should i accept or reject?Should i sell Chivu? And will Yoann Gourcuff & Mathieu Valbuena 's rating rise or stay or down???I'm planning to buy those two...
  11. I just came back to play SoccerManager. I took up an Inter Milan in a World Championship League. Come and have a look at my squad - http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=310536&clubid=22203675&sid=34387 I have way too many defenders, especially centre backs. I already have Chiellini, Bonucci and Heiko Westermann. Now I have excess good defenders and some of them have concerns. So, between Nald, Luisao and Kompany, which one should I sell cause Naldo is not having a good season and I'm afraid that his rating will dropped. Any opinions?
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