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  1. Re: english rating changes ? who wil change What happened to Lennon - surely he should be a 90 now!? Ronaldo should be 97+ And Dave Nugent......atleast 87
  2. Re: Fran Merida I've managed to sign him for 4 of my clubs - get in there!
  3. Reporter: I'm here with new Chelsea manager and G40rce league owner Simon Walsh. Simon, it's been a torrid start to the season, but the recent back to back wins against DC Utd and Roma must have raised spirits in the changing rooms? Simon: To be honest, my aim is to get Chelsea promoted to the first division. We're too big a club to be in the division we are and I hope to change this in my first season in charge Reporter: 14th position in the league is not the start you were looking for I presume. Do you think you can turn Chelsea's fortune round? Simon: Look, we've been robbed of some ea
  4. And i'm still to win a match.......damn, i'm baddddd
  5. Might take you up on that, my Chelsea are doing pony.......nothing to do with the management of course!
  6. Anyone selling a decent left winger for around the £10million mark??
  7. After 2/3 seasons of excellent performances and some of the best long range strikes you're likely to see, I think Matt Taylor should finely gain the recognition he deserves. When you have Gael Clichy, an unproven Premiership leftback at 88, then surely you have to think about putting Taylor around the 90 he deserves. Rumour has it that he will possibly be snapped up by Arsenal in January.....
  8. theboywalsh

    New Setup

    Could I have either Barcelona or AC Milan please.
  9. Pennant and Agger available to loan if you want any of them mate?
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