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  1. Re: Changes needed in F(RLC) position Mate' date=' please look at the screenshots that I posted in my second post. The evidence is there.
  2. Re: Changes needed in F(RLC) position Well I watch every Real Madrid game and I am absolutely certain Benzema and Higuain have played on the flanks of Mourinho's 4-2-3-1 a few times. As far as Van Persie goes' date=' the Dutch national team uses 4-2-3-1 and he also plays on the flanks sometimes. http://i.imgur.com/q4zWWgV.jpg As far as Cavani and Luis Suarez goes, Uruguay tends to experiment on various formations but both of them have also played on the flanks of a 4-2-3-1. http://i.imgur.com/FxJ0yyW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ni4gm9K.jpg As far as David Villa goes, I think you're right th
  3. I think there is a bit of confusion specifically about the 4-2-3-1 formation and the F(RLC) position. Players like Van Persie, Benzema, Higuain, Cavani, Luis Suarez, and David Villa can and have played on the flanks of a 4-2-3-1 either in their club or national sides. But in SM they are not allowed to do so with the F(RLC) position. Either enable that position to play there, or add an AM(RL) to their positions. I hope this post doesn't get buried down because I think this is an important change.
  4. Re: Random SM bid... This happened just now on 2 of my Manchester United clubs. Glad to know SM has addressed this quickly.
  5. Re: Player Value http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=159066
  6. Re: Player Valuation in P/E Transfers I think this is the wrong way to get about it. I agree the P/E needed fixing, but this is a bit exaggerated. When you propose a P/E to any club(managed or unmanaged), their chairman immediately slaps a +5M to their normal value. And with this change that underrates your own player's value, it's hard to even trade similiar rated players among similar sized clubs.
  7. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread The sorting function for loaned out players is messed up. I tried to sort by position and the players are scattered. One goalkeeper is in the middle, the other is at the bottom, Kieran Gibbs is at the top then Abate is at the bottom, so on so fort.
  8. Re: Player concerns not counting games in loan clubs? Wow is this a new development or something? I seem to remember before that getting games from loan clubs used to decrease the lack of games concern. Isn't that the exact purpose of loaning out, to get minutes for your players?
  9. Has anybody else noticed this? I have loaned out players like Abate and Damiao who are playing every single game in their loan clubs. But it's turn 35 now and there have been multiple player concern updates throughout the season but absolutely no one has decreased in the lack of games concern. It's all red arrows every single update.
  10. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? @tebthereb: I think the most important thing that you said is we have no idea where to look when we lose games. In other manager games, you can see how the game went wrong for you. You can see which personnel under-performed and got battered by their counterparts. You can see why you only put up 3 shots on target. You can see why your midfield got overrun. You can see why your opponent scored 8 goals. And then you can make the necessary adjustments. But unfortunately in this game, the match ratings, match statistics, commentary, and player prod
  11. Re: leaks 5 goals...gets man of match Yeah this game sucks, I'm just running out my Gold account. Just download FIFA Manager or something.
  12. Hi is there any official word on which players are now too good to be loaned out? I was trying to loan out Ter Stegen(87) and my chairman "refused to let such a talented player out on loan".
  13. Re: a heads up on the new external/unmanaged loans feature! Is there any official answer to this? Which players are now too good to be loaned out?
  14. Re: New player positions! No you guys don't understand, when the new positions are updated correctly it will allow for more positions that weren't possible in the old format. For example, Mauricio Isla is a wing back who can play in the central midfield. So his new position should be D R, M R C. That would be equivalent to RB/RM/MC which was not possible in the old format.
  15. Re: New position Also Mauricio Isla is a wing back who can play in the central midfield. So his new position should be D R, M R C. That would be equivalent to RB/RM/MC which was not possible in the old format. No they still can't. Wingers are now AM R L, so they still cannot play in the center aka "the number 10 role". They will still be able to play in the wings like before.
  16. Re: Player Fitness in Gold Management. No, player fitness is not considered or reduced in SMFA Cup and Shield competitions. Your players are showing less than 100% fitness maybe because they played the previous league or cup game but don't worry because it doesn't matter in SMFA games.
  17. Re: SM Shop Prices!!! Apparently it changed again, it's now 7,500 for a 12 month gold management.
  18. Re: Statistical Appearances The devs have said it. You have to read up on the player concerns thread.
  19. Re: Player Concern system I just had an epiphany that the reason I still play this game is not because I enjoy it, but because I've invested so much time, effort, and money in it. This game has become a chore for me instead of a pleasurable hobby. I'm just running out my credits gained from achievements then after that I'm off. There are many better manager games out there anyway, right now I'm really addicted to Trophy Manager.
  20. Re: achievement score Does anybody know the answer to this question?
  21. Re: Cesc Fabregas If Fabregas loses his CM position there will be a riot.
  22. Some achievements don't seem to be updating properly. I have achieved the following during the past week but hasn't been updated. - Sell you first player - Player of the season - Golden boot winner - Unbeaten in 24 games
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