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  1. Re: SoccerManager Has been ruined well i lost the game to liverpool. smalling right back even the i have ramos that can play there. and park winger instead of giggs couple more but im going just leave it. Soccermanager has now become a business,, i much prefer the older times on here.. but still its a good game
  2. Re: SoccerManager Has been ruined i know what ya saying matey but come on.. cup game and i cant manage my team
  3. I started to play soccermanager hmm!! about 5-7 yrs ago something like that. i now started and completed my first season with man u. im now in the smfa super cup only to get a massage Only Gold Managers can manage their team in the SMFA competitions. Your team and tactics will be selected by your assistant manager for this fixture. For further details please visit the Online Help. SM was about fun and excitment, now i feel its about making money, i used to come on SM to search every game to find a good team, now low lifes and kids can just come on and search for a good team, from yrs ago SM was probs the best online managment game out, but the improvments in my opinion has made the game worse:mad: but all my friends play SM and in my league which makes it abit more excitment:rolleyes:
  4. Re: ABOUT NEW SET_UPs there is a gold member set-ups for the managers to get the best times.. why do they have first choice in the free set-ups totally unfair on the people who dont get pocket money etc...
  5. i do not agree in which the way SM have come about getting new teams. You can reserve this club before the Game World opens. If you become a Gold Member you can reserve this club for FREE. i feel SM has now become a game in which all there after is money.. what about ppl who cant afford to pay £11+ that means there never going manage a good team.. and when they get the chance someone else has ruined the team like selling best players etc.. dont like the way its all set out...much prefer the old way
  6. i been coming on everyday to try and get a good team.. but i know idea when the new setups come into play.. im not much for the new team search as that means you gotta be a computer nerd to get the best time example come on every 5 mins to get the team you one anyway just like to know what time there created
  7. Re: cant find Bournemouth yeah i cant find them to manage can find them to search
  8. been trying to manage my second fave team Bournemouth but cant find them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. team search.. can not find a new team keeps coming up game1 and there is no chance someone looking for a top team to get them unless they spend all there pocket money on a gold membership. should put it back how it was. look around for teams.
  10. Re: wow back after 11 months Thanks for replying to my posts.. I was hear Well before most of you guys who replyed but my last forum username i could not member the password too.. That was well over 3000 posts on that.. Anyway i becoming a GOLD MEMBER ON FRIDAY. so will be starting my own league.. I will be letting forum users a chance to have a good team;) but in exchange. .
  11. Well im back after being away for so long. it feels nice to be playing soccermanager.com again but to be honest im not much for the improvements example the finding a team part.. as you can never find a good team no more. PC FREAKS get the best team just search a club and they got them. was alot better when you had to look in every leage to find a good unmanaged team but oh well let the PC FREAKS have the best teams back again and i have port vale fc:confused: lol hope to see you guys around
  12. The best ever online football manager.. looks and feels alot better than soccermanager.. change edit kits logos.. the look of your stadium.. hire fire staff. pick the staduim food etc.... the tranining gorund can be changed.. everything in football you can do here.. alot more tactics you can use per game not just 3 subs and times.. you can make a player to turn to attacking when ever you like. or maybe you winning with 10mins to go.. you can change from 4-4-2 to 5-4-1 if you like.. plus the match game is like champion manager on xbox so you have a better feel... take a look for your self Hello Just wondering if you might be interested in knowing about TM. Its the same as soccermanager but, with a big difference. TM has a better feel and look to the game. plus you get to pick your team name join any league from around the world. 1) Edit you kits home and away 2) Give you team a name and nickname. 3) upload your own team logo 4) build up your stadium Many many more take a look. www.trophymanager.com/index.php?ref=154992 use the link and you will also get added features or if you not much for that you can sign up at www.trophymanager.com hope to see you all at the best ever free online soccermanager game EVER;)
  13. Re: The Ultimate Sides That sucks... no one on here will be interested in that cause its to boring.. SORRY but it is..
  14. Re: Young Striker recommendation required? i would go for foti of Sampdoria as they will have a good season next season just wait and see and if they play him that a IF then he will defo get a raise in the game
  15. Re: THANK YOU SM Yeah soccermanager is a ok game i would not say best on the net.. but its a good game to play.... yeha its free but on other games where it free and you have to pay they teat you the same i think on here soccermanager treat gold memebrs like GOLD. but anyway yeah its a good game to play i like playin it...
  16. Re: Unmanaged Team Starting 11 Yeah its a joke soccermanager are trying to imporve the layouts and the new features for gold members.. they forgot about the unmanaged teams starting line ups its a joke and can ruin the game need sorting in my eyes who like to win 12-1 every time they play an unmanaged team.. I think all SM like to do now is please gold memebrs and forget about the others... yeah they get the own leagues and the new setup that came on with all the teams in.. but what about the people who cant afford the gold memeberships
  17. Re: It's easier managing Chelsea,Barcelona,Milan etc...
  18. Re: Best player to play in england? Stanley Matthews all the way KING of football BIG plus hes a stokie come Stokies RULE
  19. Swap Team Section? i see there is a swap thread where people ask to swap teams! but it is a risk to swap teams are you could lose them. i dont know if someone has already said this but i think it would be a good idea! to put a swap section on S/M where you could both look at each others teams. and if you both want to swap then click accept somewhere and then S/M swap the team to the others account this way nobody would lose there teams and both would get the team they wanted just a idea!!!
  20. Re: SMALL Attendance I hate the attendance on Soccermanager i am wigan top of our top league. i have players like Toni, Totti, Camoranesi, Cicinho and our stadium holds 25000 but only get 9000-13000 wounder why that is
  21. Soccer


    Why is cricket a crap and boring sport. its always live on sky sports why does anyone even watch it.. FOOTBALL AND TENNIS RULE THE SPORTS SCENE
  23. HWo is the best looking manager My choice would be Frank Rijkaard or José Mourinho
  24. Hi Someone has got into my friends account and he has lost all his teams i dont know who it has happend as he has not giving his details out is there a way that he could get them back like contact Soccermanager.com on the issue. all the teams he has lost are under the same manager name
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