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  1. I can't even upload my humourous meme to this shockingly poor 'innovation'....ah what's the point
  2. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I would start with the ones in bold. Others may possibly be able to go but depends on your squad tbh. It's a starting point at least and if you need to get rid of more let the forum know... The ones I've picked are on poor platforms to rise further (i.e. Russian or Turkish based) and/or have limited potential.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 1) Handanovic - Age is a less of factor for GKs and he's already rated so far ahead of the others he's easily number 1 pick. Quality GK despite Inter's troubles. 2) Navas - As all the other GKs need moves to really rise much beyond 90, Navas is an easy number 2 in SM. If anything happened to Casillas he would have the opportunity to play for the top team in the world right now. This could propel him massively, of course big if but as I say all the others are currently so limited it's not even a risk. Even if he carries on not playing he will stay level with the rest below... All the rest as I say are going to struggle to rise beyond 90 at their current clubs so with such even platforms this really comes down to personal opinion... 3) Begovic - not guaranteed to move but arguably has most chance, good GK regardless 4) Forster - I rate him just behind Begovic but So'ton is a slightly better platform atm to rise. It's very close between 3 or 4 and easily debatable 5) Krul - decent GK I personally rate him below the previous 2 however 6) Trapp - for me Frankfurt are the worst platform
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... It really depends on your depth for me. Lavezzi is safe for a reasonable amount of time in the short-term but as an aging Argie, they are likely to see out the final years of their career back home. So the decline does tend to be quick. That said Criscito is limited in Russia and Insigne is now injured for a long-time whilst there's some doubt about his long-term potential also for me. I'm not convinced he will be as good as he once promised. I'm edging towards Lavezzi unless both Insigne and Criscito are vital to your first XI (I normally side towards the younger options but the potential is questionable with the two mentioned hence why I believe this comes down simply to a quality vs quantity question)
  5. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions No offence but I doubt you could tear apart a paper bag. Congrats on coping out and taking the easy route though. Another one who's all mouth and no action it seems!
  6. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Don't worry, I'm not. If you read my posts and saw my teams you would see this for yourself. As valuable as this conservation has been to the tread lets move on, good talking to you
  7. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Wrong in what? I've not made any predictions. I've just offered possible explanations why player's ratings haven't changed. There's no right or wrong in my guidance. I'm suggesting reasons for the changes. I'm not right as the change has or has not happened so it's retrospective and can take no credit. Whilst I'm just justifying a change that already happened so I can't be wrong as SM has already acted in the way I'm justifying. I know the rating system well enough to be able to come up with these justifications. I'd have to be an idiot not to seen how long I've been on the game. I'm basically trying to diffuse some OTT reactions tbh. Feel free to elaborate if you've read any of my recent posts. Not too sure you're on the right page here.
  8. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I've read through a lot of the tactics section and you've proven clearly the match engine is unacceptable with all your examples (the 'dugout tactic' in particular is concerning) I fully accept what you have to say there. I don't agree the ratings are as bad as being made out though, all that's been shown here is a lot of impatience as the review isn't over. Some of the previous arguments have been later made redundant with today's changes and I expect this to continue for a day or two more. If I am wasting my time my recent posts would not have got a lot of reps. So if I can help people understand the rating system even if they don't agree with it at least it might help them on SM. Even if everyone isn't appreciative I guess it's worthwhile to those who it might be to. Credit to Machines on his Torino calls btw. There were strong calls on both sides so SM have a very thankless task sometimes with these reviews.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Impossible to know as we are not privy to how much selling/external teams value players. The value you mention re. Ibra relates to your chairman. Whilst Navas' relates to the chairman's value of the other controlled team. Both values may differ considerably for the 'external chairman'. For example, Re. Embolo in my GW, for one team the offer was valued at 4.8mil to that team (he told me) my offer was 4.4mil cash. I won. I am definitely seeing a trend towards cash offers. I suspect SM are trying to combat p/exs involving trash. Expect the worst so anything else is a bonus, that's my personal approach. Good Luck!
  10. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Big difference with Torino vs Inter is the average squad rating, going back to my comment on squad context. Without looking I suspect Darmain is already at worst joint best rated defender, if not out alone, whereas Kovacevic is rated below the likes of Guarin who has a small proportion of the game-time and he also has more appearances than Hernanes, who before the review was rated 3 above. As we're talking about 88-89, not elite ratings, I don't really understand the criticism. Torino are languishing this season. Even if I hadn't seen any of their games, knowing how the review system works, it would have been easy to predict harsh treatment for their players. Serie A isn't viewed on the same pedestal these days either (rightly or wrongly) amplifying this effect. Lesser considerations, Inter are 6 pts off 3rd. 10th looks horrible but it's not as doom and gloom as being presented. Torino are a further 6pts back, 2 off relegation. It's therefore not necessary to mention last season for Torino players due to this poor season. It becomes irrelevant as a lot of the good work has been 'ruined' by this season. More so than Inter players. Last season is a more relevant point to teams actually performing well this season, i.e. Sampdoria (Udinese have been average for so long even involving them is probably unnecessary tbh) i.e. last season may hold Sampdoria rating increases whilst they convince SM they are deserving over a longer period of time, fair? Inter were last and are still this season a better platform to rise. This is without considering Inter's 'prestigue' although I appreciate this can have an effect in other cases I don't think it's as paramount to Kovacevic here. As stated in my previous comment there are a number of variables which can be attached to Kovacevic also. So I can totally understand why SM rose Kovacevic and not Darmain. I'm sure you have some points on the other players. I wouldn't rule anything out yet as it's all very premature seen we're still within the review. The key to this however is that if a strong argument can be presented on both sides I think people need to calm down and tone down the criticism. If you can see two sides to the argument on some you've presented then you can understand why SM may stay on the fence too (barring Maksimovic where you're adamant a rise is deserved, not unjustifiably I add but I don't think this review is anywhere near the disaster people are saying)
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