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  1. Re: "Unhappy" level 4 Whilst I think the concerns are does need some improvement I do think the only way to remove a concern for not playing should be through playing them in the majority of the games. If, in the example, Fletcher is unhappy that he isn't getting games, I don't see how a holiday would help him, surely that would increase his concern because not only are you not playing him, but you've now sent him away from the club completely? I realisde it is frustrating to take over a new club with issues, but the same happens in real life. If a new manager comes into a club and he has players who are unhappy they aren't playing, they will remain unhappy if the new manager doesn't play them either.
  2. Re: Player Contract If a contract expires, your chairman will automatically renew it, not one of my favourite features as I would rather see players become free agents. Also you will not get any messages to say they are expiring, you will need to check these in the Finance section of your Squad list.
  3. Re: New International Management The current International set up is one of the reasons why I didn't renew my Gold Membership when it expired. I just feel that there is very little to do with the players, and as the only matches you play are competitive fixtures you never change your squad from the best XI. Plus I understand that the results are random but the last 2 World Cups in a previous Gameworld where won by Austria and Peru which is a little too random for my liking. I like the idea of bringing in more teams and vary the tournaments. The set up is too monotonous at the moment and a bit of variety would make me re-consider taking it up again.
  4. Re: Player Ratings inside information? If you go into the Player Rating Prediction section their are a couple of threads that deal specifically with leagues that are due to be rated. As SM announce in advance what leagues are going to be reviewed people are able to research these leagues to see which players are grossly undervalued, normally they are rated at 70-75 but they are now playing every game and worthy of an 80+ rating. These people are then kind enough to post their findings in this section so that other members can buy these players before they rise, normally just days before the player actually rises. There is nothing underhand about this it's just because SM only give a few days notice which league is to be reviewed so all the action happens just before the changes occur.
  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Has Luiz Vander not moved to Flamengo now, or have I got the wrong guy?
  6. Re: player rating reviews: Whilst I do not have a problem with the information being posted on Twitter or Facebook I do believe that as a priority the information should be placed somewhere on SM. As previously stated we have the Latest Game News section on our home page and this, or actually in the Player Database change section should be the first point that any updates are listed and then Twitter and Facebook can be updated. I think this should be more of a common courtesy as all SM users have access to this, but not all users have access or want access to Twitter or Facebook. I do not have a problem with us finding out at the last minute which changes are forthcoming either (i.e. Argentina changes occured this morning when we were only notifed yesterday) as I think it keeps the game interesting and does reduce mass player buying.
  7. Re: Next Change Unfortunately not. They are doing Argentina (already started this morning), Brazil and Russia.
  8. Re: Next Change This has also been put in to the Player Changes section of each Game World.
  9. Re: Next Change Latest SM Twitter quote regarding which league is to be reviewed next: From what I can tell Australia seems to be finished, so we might have a little break without ratings now.
  10. Re: Next Change The below quotes have been taken from Twitter. I don't know what they define as coming months' date=' but hopefully they are taking February and early March at the latest.
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