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  1. Re: Counter-Attacking: Defensive or Offensive? SM said in help If you are planning to play on the break or facing a superior opponent then the Counter-Attack is a good option as you will look to launch attacks at high speed with directness in order to catch your opponent on the 'break' after they have give away possession in midfield or attack. So my understand when you wanted to tick counter attack is when using direct pass and high tempo no matter what mentality u set. It works for me
  2. Re: Match engine Thats my team Athletic. lets complain it to SM, the new engine still has no improvement over previous one. the results nowdays look unexplainable, i mean too much unreasonable result!
  3. Re: Brazil Risers OK..now i know. but what about Wellington Nem 75 from figuierense? he is former U17 in 2009 score only one goal. how much do you think he will rise? play only 235 mins one goal
  4. Re: Brazil Risers Júnior GILBERTO Fwd 75 > 77 He managed to scored 12 goals and 1369 mins for his former club Santa Cruz. should he rise to 75 >81 or 83
  5. Hi guys. need your opinion. Another manager has offered me. to sway his hamsik with my affelay. Is is worth?
  6. Does anybody knows about this guy? From Wiltz currently top scorer in Luxemborg league. If anybody know this guys please give description about him.
  7. i'm ready to swap him with ivanovic. Any idea guys?
  8. Re: Derdiyok is going 91? I missed cenk tosun.. yes he is surely rise from 75 to 81
  9. till now he has played 28 appearances with 6 goals? any opinion?
  10. Need your help guys. How do u gona predict this guy. is he going to rise or stay? current rating 89! age 25 20 apearances score 3 goals.. play for Olympiakos Piraeus conceded for only 18 goals
  11. Re: playing against 4-4-2 diamond i'm agree.. but i would add direct passing to that.
  12. Re: rm/wing whats the difference? the different for me.. when i want to play defensively or more possesion i play rm or lm.. and offensively use wing..
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