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  1. spot on lads look at the other players rated 90, kewell,jenas, riiise, diarra, look at players rated below reo coker, dyer, wright phillips surely he shouldnt be higher or the same as any of them
  2. vote for luis valencia he is in seconed place and ronaldo is first we need to get him off the top and vote for velencia to take over http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/w/bypa/results.html?fin=1&commonname=500020
  3. i dont think i can remember having a deal blocked only for loans but aslong as it keeps the cheats away the chairman should stay
  4. could you add something about new players that are added to the system
  5. yeah thats a good idea it would be easyer to keep track of, and i think the chairman blocking deals is fine if it keeps the cheats at bay then thats fine with me, i think the setup transfer page is a good thing aswel now that you can report dodgy deals more easy, there are slowly but surely getting less and less cheats
  6. after playing this game for months ive finally got my liverpool team top of the league and my self on the top managers list, and it feels good to be there with out having to cheat my way there, its good knowing you got youself there with hardwork and a bit of fun and finally i think were starting to get somere with the cheat situation aswel
  7. errrrmmmm do you watch much footy?
  8. how come riise rateing didnt go up with the rest of the other liverpool players? he deserves to be at least a 91 or am i the only one who thinks this?
  9. Stevie G by far allround class!!!!
  10. well wouldnt the best manager be top of your league??????
  11. Andre Macanga is the undoubted unsung hero of the Angolan side. Playing the unfashionable defensive midfield role, the 27-year-old is the foundation on which the Palancas Negras build their attacks. While the likes of Paulo Figueiredo, Ze Kalanga and Antonio Mendonca are given license to attack, Macanga is asked to play a responsible 'Makelele role'. One of the few players to have sought a move away from Portugal, Macanga moved to Turkish side Gaziantepspor before finding his way to current employers Koweit Club Sport. Earlier spells with Boavista, Vitoria Guimaraes and Academica Coimbra h
  12. it wont be long before he goes up again either
  13. it wont be lond before he goes up again either
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