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  1. Re: Malouda, Mexes, Toulalan But I just have a feel that Toulalan will not be getting the drop this time because I notice that SM tends to give chance to players who just join a new club. Many examples in the past (Bruno Alves in Zenit, Lucho Gonzalez in Marseille, Kjaer in Wolfsburg etc.), their rating was maintained even if they join a lower rank club or performing below par in new club.
  2. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Let say a player is available for 38 games last season and he played half of them (19), so his playing percentage was 50%. In the new season, he played 5 out of 5 games. How is the playing percentage being calculated in the following season? Is it (19 + 5) / (38 + 5) * 100% OR the percentage is recalculated in the new season as 5 / 5 * 100% ??
  3. Re: Serbia,Croatia and Bosnia league best talents 2010/2011 What about Barbaric? Have not heard of him lately...
  4. Re: New Club History options Currently, the information found in club history are only club records, manager history and trophy cabinet. I think that the it is lacking an important information which is the club history itself. SM should show the club league position and the division the club played in every season, not just showing the trophies won. By showing the extra information, we can understand the club history better by knowing when the club get promoted or relegated etc. Any opinion?
  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions What about Rafael Toloi? He had stayed at 86 for almost a year now... what happened to him?
  6. Re: Cedric Mimbala 14 year old on DB! ya, SM got it wrong... he's actually 24... http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/cedric-ebewa-yam-mimbala/profil/spieler_38966.html If it was true, he will be the youngest player ever to be added to the DB... lol
  7. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Don't worry, guys... The rating change is not over yet... They will continue reviewing the top 5 teams of the Serie A tomorrow IMO... Which are Palermo, Sampdoria, Milan, Roma and Inter...
  8. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season Insider, regarding Manoel and Dalton (both CB), will they rise in the next rating change? What are their potential in the next 2 years? Will they make it big and transfer to Europe?
  9. Re: Guide to the 2010 Brazilian season MsF, can you recommend some best buys for this coming Brazillian rating change? I know it's not appropriate to post rating here but I can't really find any updated threads for the Brazilian players rating. Thanks...
  10. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) Ken, will Roberto Soldado get to 90 as he is banging in goals in LA Liga? 10 goals in 14 matches this season... Quite impressive ya...
  11. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Pazzano, how much is the chance for D'Agostino to get 90 in this coming rating changes? Do you think he will develop as the regular for Italian NT and get into the WC squad?
  12. Re: Romelu Lukaku Even if you accept the deal, the chairman of the opposition club will not let the transfer go through... 18m is too high for a club to buy Lukaku in the game but not in real life IMO...
  13. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Ken, will Diego Costa of Valladolid rise? He's doing quite well in the league right?
  14. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) I checked the stats for Canales and Muniain in this season... Muniain had clearly played more minutes than Canales, and scored more than Canales too... And why is Muniain predicted to rise only to 80-82 while Canales is tipped to rise higher than that? Can anyone clear me up??
  15. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) Well thanks for the reply, Biscuit...
  16. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) MsF, will Adriano get a rise in the next Brazilian league review since he was the top scorer with 19 goals and helped Flamengo to win the Brasileiro?
  17. Re: Argentinian Apertura...... What do you think Nicolas Gaitan will rise to? He had played quite well in the last few games of Apertura this season... scored 4 and with 5 assists the whole season, with all the 5 assists in the last 6 games...
  18. Re: Greener's Guide to risers around the world.... I think that the last few EPL teams that are not reviewed will not get it done by tomorrow... They will be reviewed next week IMO... Btw koplfc, did Benayoun, Insua and N'gog rise? Because the rating update in my setup is slower...
  19. Re: BERNARDO, Viera (79) - 8D and BOQUITA, Rafael (80) 8.5C MsF, glad to see you are back... WELCOME HOME!!!
  20. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread DP, do you think Beto or Eduardo will have a better shot at the Portugal No.1 spot in the World Cup?
  21. Re: Ivan Tomecak Bornich, I know this is not the suitable place for the question... But i searched the forum for this player but found nothing about him... His name is Franko Bilaver, is he a good prospect? Is he as good as Kramaric or Vukusic?
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