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  1. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread for the impovement I would like to be added. It is about Soccer manager times (aka newspaper). In my opinion something similar to PM should be added. Something that indicates there are some new posts there. It is the only way to announce sth to whole setup, very quick and simple. But all managers should be informed that there are new posts.
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread Hi all!! Just stopped by to say - good start!! Scholes - superb!! Hope he finds strenght to play many games on this level this season. For next - Modric! )
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread There are a lot of factors that influence a football games. Quality of players - obviously, tactics, luck - sometimes, weather... One of them is psychological factor. I think that Ronaldo is important for United at the moment because he attracts so much attention from media, fans, opponents players.. Looks like when he's around other players feel more relaxed, secure and have more space. And there is always the threat that he will do something extraordinary. He is back from injury and needs few more games. Then we will see if he still got it.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread We don't need Giovanni but good defensive cover is surely something that would be useful.
  5. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Rumours: Danijel Pranjic (Heerenveen) - Juventus Jerko Leko (Monaco) - Celtic Ivan Rakitic (Schalke) - Juventus Transfers: Dario Knezevic (Livorno) - Juventus (loan)
  6. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Ronaldo is a great player but this seems like a very good offer.
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread Maybe he likes Spanish climate. He did great things with ManU and now he can "chase the sun" with Real. I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised. Anyhow, he should stay at least for a season or two.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread Manchester United should win the trophies because of Manchester United's name, tradition and fans, not because of one player no matter who he was!!! I don't like this blackmailing thing! The club should not depend on one player. C.Ronaldo did great this season and Man U owes the trophies to his performance to a certain extent still I think he does not have the right to be arrogant. He won CL and 2EPL's with ManU and is paid very good. If that is not enough then it is his problem. Maybe he can go to Real and have a few seasons without trophies and then decide
  9. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread **** Advocaat!!! LoL!! :D
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread I didn't watch him but if he is good like you say he is I hope that England didn't find a goalkeeper in him. English national team is not good for their confidence. Look what happened to Robinson. The guy was very good before he became no1 for England. And 2nd thing I don't like is Ronaldo as a striker. I think that ManU's advantage is having a player like him wide. That makes our attack more difficult to block. Look what happened to Real when Robinho was playing as a striker against Roma. Their midfield was blocked by De Rossi - Aquilani and Mexes - Juan bl
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Quality analysis by Latios. Good post. In my opinion Chelsea - Fenerbahce and Barcelona - Schalke are predictable. There is an element of luck in football that shouldn't be ignored but I will be brave enough to say that the teams who are going further are almost certain here. If we look at the way Schalke and Fener passed into the quarter final and compare the quality of the teams Chelsea and Barcelona are absolute favorites here and I don't think there will be surprise. Arsenal and Liverpool is very tough to predict. I would give slight advantage to Liverpoo
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