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  1. Re: Players unhappiness I've been on this game for few years now. Building my teams from scratch just to see them fall apart now. Most of improvements were good, made the game more realistic. But more important they made it better, more playable. The last change in my opinion made the game more realistic but failed to make it more playable. To make it playable again, match fitness and player concerns have to be adjusted. In real life players can play saturday-wednesday regime for few weeks, even without damaging their effectiveness. Here you are forced to have two teams because if you don't change your players for cup games, next game you will probably loose due to players not being in top shape. What if I want to win cup and league? I must have 22 players above 92. When the player is injured, it should not affect his concerns. How can injured player have concerns for not playing? How can his level of unhappiness go up? Also, the speed players going through the levels of unhappiness has gone up. If the SM guys find the way to balance all this, then I will look at it as an improvement. If it is left this way it is definitely not an imprvement.
  2. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread for the impovement I would like to be added. It is about Soccer manager times (aka newspaper). In my opinion something similar to PM should be added. Something that indicates there are some new posts there. It is the only way to announce sth to whole setup, very quick and simple. But all managers should be informed that there are new posts.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread Hi all!! Just stopped by to say - good start!! Scholes - superb!! Hope he finds strenght to play many games on this level this season. For next - Modric! )
  4. Hi all! I've been away for a while now so I don't know where to post this. I just wanted to say that SM people did a great job improving the site and how it looks. I just logged on and was very positively surprised so I just wanted to say this. Many new improvements have been made but I don't have time to read about this. I just get surprised when I spot something new. Good work!!!
  5. Re: Bad joke competition!!! How do you call 3 blonds sitting under a Christmas tree?! Ho, Ho, Ho!!
  6. Re: Milan Badelj He is standard for Dinamo and Dinamo just beat NEC Nijmegen in UEFA Cup. I think that standard player of UEFA Cup participant deserves 84-85. I suggest buying/keeping him
  7. Re: Dinamo Zagreb BBB looking at your sig - those days are gone man the new force is arising!!
  8. Re: Dinamo Zagreb I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with the draw or not. One one hand we got pretty easy group (considering a couple of other "death" groups) but on the other if we don't pass it (which is very possible) then we had two rather unattractive home games and three half-attractive away games and that's it for this year. But anyway I'm happy that we are playing in Europe and UEFA Cup is very strong this year. If only we could pass the group. And yes - people from SM - you should include Dinamo in new world setups.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread There are a lot of factors that influence a football games. Quality of players - obviously, tactics, luck - sometimes, weather... One of them is psychological factor. I think that Ronaldo is important for United at the moment because he attracts so much attention from media, fans, opponents players.. Looks like when he's around other players feel more relaxed, secure and have more space. And there is always the threat that he will do something extraordinary. He is back from injury and needs few more games. Then we will see if he still got it.
  10. Re: Dinamo Zagreb One of the most boring matches recently. I was at the stadium hoping to see an interesting game and Dinamo's 2nd consecutive year in UEFA Cup but we were sterilized that night. Fortunately, Sparta has shown even less which leaves us hope in 2nd match. 1-1 is enough. But today we play against Hajduk Split. What do you guys think?
  11. Re: Dinamo Zagreb I think it is a good idea to rename the thread to Dinamo Zagreb & Croatian football thread because there would be much more to write about and more interesting stuff for people outside Croatia. Glad to see you joining BadBlueBoys. What do you guys think about former Dinamo goalkeeper, Georg Koch's injury??
  12. Re: Milan Badelj Definitely better than AM/F:) We'll see his true position soon.
  13. Re: Milan Badelj I have send them his picture few days ago and still it is blank. And position changes are done by ticket now. Hmm... again improvement that obviously didn't capture my attention. ****.. I need more free time!
  14. Re: A small improvement :D I'm not selling only buying! I didn't notice it, sorry. But it was a good suggestion, wasn't it.
  15. Re: Dinamo Zagreb The impression that we could do that never existed during the first leg. We shall se after the second game.
  16. Re: Milan Badelj Imo he should be a CM. AM/F is definitely wrong. I can't find the DB section on the forum to post this so they can change it.
  17. It would be nice if a manager could accept or reject various offer for a player from a players profile and not only club messages. Not a big thing but I think it would be useful
  18. Re: Milan Badelj We all said that he should be 78. Is 78 rating suitable for "the best player" in Croatian league. I will help you with the answer - NO. I will tell you the story about Milan Badelj from 2 prospectives. 1. From SM prospective - Milan Badelj was a player rated 73 (if I'm correct) and his value was 130k. This season he came out of nowhere imediately taking the first 11 place. For a SM manager who decided to take the challenge of a smaller club a player like this is gold. For all other he is instant couple of millions. 2. Froma Croatian football fan prospective - We are a small country with good football tradition. But being a small country means that not everyday you will see great young talents. That is why we were excited about 19yo boy who showed some good mental qualities and football abilities that are good enough but look like they can be improved a lot.
  19. Re: Luca Toni Who made his goals when he was in Palermo and Fiorentina when he was Italian golden boot? I think he deserves 95 for his constant outstanding goalscoring record.
  20. Re: Milan Badelj I think that he should have got at least 78 but I guess Croatian changes came to early in the season. Next time he will definitely be 82+ because he is showing some good football.
  21. Re: Dinamo Zagreb First of all Svejk rep+ for the thread. Second, rep- for the comment about Dinamo fans. +1-1=0 so I dont have to rep you now! :D I just noticed that this thread exists so now I will try to participate. The only thing is there won't be much to talk about if we drop out of Europe. I doubt that people here are anxious to hear about Dinamo beating Croatia Sesvete 1-0:D About that CL qualifying game. We aren't without chances but we always leave the impression that we could do that and never actually do that. DO THAT!
  22. Re: The One With all respect to the SoP I think that alpha and omega of this setup - COL deserved the manager of the month award! After all he managed to keep 1st league status through games played in July. Anyway, well done to all managers in the setup. Keep up the good work considering both setup and thread! :D
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