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  1. Raz.

    EC 37500

    Norwich City Starting XI Juan Musso (87) Max Aarons (85) - Merih Demiral (C, 87) - Alessandro Bastoni (85) - Jamal Lewis (85) Exequiel Palacios (87) - Orkun Kokcu (85) Emmanuel Dennis (85) - Emiliano Buendia (87) - Brahim Diaz (83) Donyell Malen (87) SUBS: Ondrej Duda (Loan, 88), Tomas Esteves (76), Tiago Djalo (80), Adrian Fein (82), Dusan Vlahovic (82), Lassina Traore (82), Talles Magno (80), Emiliano Vignato (78), Luan Candido (76). Couple of talents for the distant future aswell: Romano Postema, Dimitris Emmanouilidis, Marouan Azarkan, Tim Prica, Mustafa Kapi, Stefano Turati.
  2. Raz.

    EC 37500

    Hellooo, lads.I am absolutely amazed by myself.Somehow, I managed to remember the password for this.
  3. Okay lads,I was indeed planning to quit SM,but not today,not tonight.I've took a random Everton in a random GW just to make a few deals and instead of quitting that one,I pressed quit on my Sunderland.I pretty much regret it now(obviously,Sherlock.).If I can get it back,it's okay.If I can't,I will just move on.Hopefully I manage to get it back though.God knows who got it on offer anyway.
  4. Sunderland's almost ready to go for this season.Few more transfers to complete from last season and one deal to sleep on and we should be done.
  5. I was trying to start a conversation,Anth.You always try your best to ruin everything,aren't you?
  6. I disagree,Ant.There's one player who's simply irreplaceable and you know it very well.
  7. There are some things which have to be fixed or updated.I mean,my Sunderland had 32k attendance tonight out of 49k.You can be at the buttom of the Premier League and your stadium would still be full.No matter what players you have,but I do have some star-players too so that should make it even clearer.I lost 700k by playing at home!I understand the concept of player-hogging,but this is just way ,way too much.
  8. These are good additions,of course.But some things on the finances have to be updated too.I mean,it's definitely not realistic to earn just 3.9 mils from TV revenue as a Premier League club.You just cannot kill a club that way.
  9. Players value is so realistic now.That's a good thing,but god,don't tell me that the finances such as TV revenue or gate receipts gonna remain the same?I mean...as a Premier League Club,with some world class players such as my beloved 7046 Sunderland,I only earn 3.9 mils a season from TV revenue?What's that?A League two team earns more in real life than that.If you intend to make it realistic,make it.But just...just don't make it in pieces. EDIT: This may be a glitch,but some players simply disappeared from my team in 7046.
  10. I have another problem with the chat.I simply cannot see the entire message as it fades somewhere on the right side of the chat screen.I can only see a part of it So far with one game played,the new engine looks pathetic.Played against a 10 men United and lost 2-0 while I had 57% possession,11 shots (against his 12),while my team/my first eleven is better than his.
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