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  1. Bellingham stands out. As does Musiala, who's been phenomenal every time he's been used. Wirtz aswell, but in the first part of the season. Fati started out really well and I think he would of mantained the same kind of form. Too bad they couldn't get him a decent doctor.
  2. I'd bench Pjanic aswell, lol. He's been abysimal for Juventus in his last season. No wonder he's just as bad at Barca too. As toxic as these might be, Pedri still hasn't been impressive. He's been good, not impressive in his first 10 games or so. Well, taken into account he was 17 at that time, they were some impressive performances then. But after that he hasn't done anything. Nothing at all. Seen someone mentioning Camavinga too. Another one that underachieved in this season and couldn't build on his performances from past season. Camavinga really been poor this season aswell. And I haven't seen anyone hating on Moriba? He's too raw to judge at this moment.
  3. I highly recommend reading some Barcelona's forums about him. He's massively overrated so far. He has been extremely poor since october or so. The hype around him is astonishing. Without any specific reason besides being 17/18 and starting for Barca because they're absolutely broke and can't afford anyone else. Of course, the talent is there as we've seen at Palmas in some highlights, but he hasn't done anything special so far in Barcelona.
  4. There shouldn't be any difference between Haaland or Sancho. In fact, Sancho's way more important in our system than Haaland. I've seen somewhere a stat saying that Haaland has scored the most goals after an assist, around 23 of them, which is true, as he can't create chances on his own. Most of these were assisted by either Reus or Sancho. I get the Haaland hype, but Sancho is just as good, if not even better. Lad's smashing records, playing out of his mind since january/february. Abysimal that Depay got a 92 and Guerreiro didn't, by the way. And another poor one is not giving Dahoud a deserved +1. The lad been immense in the 2nd part of the season alongside Jude. He literally played Gundogan-esque for more than 4 months now. BuLi review was completely e so far. Watch Grealish getting a 92 now. Edit: I've seen some of you pointing out that Sule or Pavard should rise. They shouldn't. They both been a disaster this season.
  5. Got 90 mins against Austria the day before for England and probably been the best player on the field. Not to mention that he'll be at Euros while being 17. Should be a 89 without any doubts. 1/8 in UCL, top 3 in BuLi, Pokal winner. MOTM in both games against City. Not going to roll back the bad memories, but UCL would of looked different if we had a decent referee in the away game at City. With Depay's 92, they should also rise Guerreiro. Stats-wise, he's insane. Performances-wise, he might miss a thing or two defensively, but offensively, he is, without a shadow of doubt, the best left-back in Europe.
  6. How does he only have a slim chance to rise? IMO, he should literally be up for a +2. His last review was back on 1st of april last year. Since then he scored over 25 goals for PSV and Netherlands. And probably has over 10 assists aswell.
  7. Thanks, but I wasn't really asking, haha.
  8. Jude Bellingham or Florian Wirtz.
  9. I will bump this one last time. Thank you, lads!
  10. This is off-topic, but seems to be the only active thread on this forum. So, Hello, lads. If anyone's interested, I've recently created a brand new Bundesliga setup. Many guys from EC 7046 are in it. It isn't open it, we're waiting to fill it up. Still some teams up for grabs. Just apply if interested. Here's the ID: 432618.
  11. Hello, lads. If anyone's interested, I've recently created a brand new Bundesliga setup. Many guys from EC 7046 are in it. It isn't open it, we're waiting to fill it up. Still some teams up for grabs. Just apply if interested. Here's the ID: 432618.
  12. We aren't conceding goals for fun because of Bellingham. And our defence actually been decent this season, compared to the previous ones. The attack is a huge liability now, but oh well, that happens when you don't understand that Favre can't get the team any further and you let him in charge for a 3rd season. Anyway, Bellingham's job isn't to cover up the space in the defence, that was Witsel's. And the belgian is now a huge miss in the team. Even though he hasn't been at his usual level either, he's hugely missed with his high IQ and incredible positional sense. Borussia doesn't have another proper number 6 in the team, Can ain't one, neither is Delaney. Even though Delaney's decent, but far from Witsel's level. Regarding Bellingham, he's been incredibly good whenver he played. He's one of the bright spots in such a poor season as I said. Happily, the team is showing signs of improvements too, just need a bit of luck. And about Hakimi, it's a yes or no. He's surely missed in offence. He was a damn threat for 90 minutes. But for sure I do not miss him either in defence. As bad as Meunier been, he improved our defence.
  13. Well, I watch them week in and week out. Goals or assists aren't really telling the whole story and it really ain't right to compare a winger/playmaker with a number 8 or so. Whoscored is hardly something to take into account aswell. Reyna's alright, he hasn't been brilliant. He has great potential whatsoever, but still has massive areas where he has to improve. He's incredibly poor in pressing and defensive efforts. He goes missing for entire games aswell, but that's normal for a 18 years old though. But Bellingham's a class above him, talent wise and performance wise. The englishman trully is a generational talent and I haven't seen such a composed 17 years old ever. He's great with the ball, pretty decent in defence, still has to improve his positional sense, and incredibly helpful in attack. As I said, stats aren't telling the whole story and neither does Whoscored. I can hardly take Whoscored into account when they place one of, if not the worst RB I've ever seen in my life as the 9th performer in the team.
  14. In such a poor season for Borussia, Bellingham's one of the only bright spots. He's been a class above Reyna whenever he played and been fit.
  15. Wow. First of all, Sociedad did lead La Liga for a few weeks. But, Oyarzabal literally had 3 seasons in a row before this one with double figures, European football as well as becoming an integral part of the national team. How is that similar to Grealish who has his first good season of PL football right now? And it ain't even a full season yet, it is half of a season. If that's what it takes to warrant a 92 for an english player on SM, then no wonder that the review system is absolutely broke. It would be absolutely baffling if Grealish gets a 92. Even a 91 would be too far fetched now since his rise to 90 was rather amusing. But oh well, seems like SM's reviewing system is different now than it used to be back in the old days, so everything's possible.
  16. Norwich City Starting XI Juan Musso (87) Max Aarons (85) - Merih Demiral (C, 87) - Alessandro Bastoni (85) - Jamal Lewis (85) Exequiel Palacios (87) - Orkun Kokcu (85) Emmanuel Dennis (85) - Emiliano Buendia (87) - Brahim Diaz (83) Donyell Malen (87) SUBS: Ondrej Duda (Loan, 88), Tomas Esteves (76), Tiago Djalo (80), Adrian Fein (82), Dusan Vlahovic (82), Lassina Traore (82), Talles Magno (80), Emiliano Vignato (78), Luan Candido (76). Couple of talents for the distant future aswell: Romano Postema, Dimitris Emmanouilidis, Marouan Azarkan, Tim Prica, Mustafa Kapi, Stefano Turati.
  17. Hellooo, lads.I am absolutely amazed by myself.Somehow, I managed to remember the password for this.
  18. Okay lads,I was indeed planning to quit SM,but not today,not tonight.I've took a random Everton in a random GW just to make a few deals and instead of quitting that one,I pressed quit on my Sunderland.I pretty much regret it now(obviously,Sherlock.).If I can get it back,it's okay.If I can't,I will just move on.Hopefully I manage to get it back though.God knows who got it on offer anyway.
  19. Sunderland's almost ready to go for this season.Few more transfers to complete from last season and one deal to sleep on and we should be done.
  20. I was trying to start a conversation,Anth.You always try your best to ruin everything,aren't you?
  21. I disagree,Ant.There's one player who's simply irreplaceable and you know it very well.
  22. There are some things which have to be fixed or updated.I mean,my Sunderland had 32k attendance tonight out of 49k.You can be at the buttom of the Premier League and your stadium would still be full.No matter what players you have,but I do have some star-players too so that should make it even clearer.I lost 700k by playing at home!I understand the concept of player-hogging,but this is just way ,way too much.
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