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  1. Re: the deletion of the 'match advertising' thread.. Hi all, Have been reading this thread with interest and am a little bemused by some responses. These adverts are an absolute nuisance and ruin the game full-stop -- regardless of whether you are a Gold Paying Member or not. What tiny bit of excitement and tension has gone. I would not wait 30 seconds every time i want to see a score for 40+ teams. Until about 6 months ago I was a Gold Paying Member with 40+ teams. I did not renew my subscription purely because of the delays and lags that adverts where starting to put on the game.
  2. Re: SM Credits ItalianTsar and Smut. Thankyou for replies I do understand your points and indeed appreciate them. I think most commercial enterprises have a tendency to operate in what we see as underhand ways, so perhaps the best thing would have been for SM not to have introduced this silly system in the first place. You could previously get access to 5 gameworlds for £2.99 which to me is absolutely fine. I do not need freebies adding or any extra incentive. I get hours of enjoyment from playing these games (maybe not so much from the Gold Games) - when I could quite as easily go
  3. Re: SM Credits And 99.9 % of companies who offer SALES are putting out redundant stock which they would normally not be able to sell; shoving onto the shelves stock which they have bought at massively discounted prices in order to make it look to their customers like they are getting a bargain; or offering something at a seemingly reduced price which was actually hiked up by 40% 6 weeks before ! But we all love a SALE. It makes us feel great. So if SM offer you a little Titbit to perk you up and keep you interested, and then withdraw some of it because they realise that the will not
  4. Re: SM Credits I can not seem to get this 'Credits' system to work. I go to buy more credits. If offers a screen with various money bags and a few payment options. I select Paypal and credits I want, press enter. It then sends me to some default screen of different gift options with annotation at top ' Demo Screen' and you can do nothing here. I have tried this now about a dozen times and still the same each time. :confused::confused: Also, on subject of finances, credits and SM changing goalposts. I do not care whether they take straight cash or give me credits. They are a business
  5. Re: Gold Game Worlds - What is the Point hey christano & george, Thankyou for replies. Some very useful information there on how to play the game as it is - and there is method in what you say - "if you can not beat them join them in how they play". I think it would be much fairer and easier (for people at work/with less time to check every 5 mins/people new to game who have not searched through forum) to just simply have the GC's appear randomly (as they should). The experienced people on here, who have more game time, would still stand a better chance because they are on more -
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I have read some stuff about this GC 161 today but below comments take the biscuit. All of them have reference to crybaby's, conspiracy theories, cheats, and a whole raft of other unsavoury issues, with a select few established Gold Championship players defending their corner by throwing back rubbish. Statistics can easily tell you that in a purely random world - the likes of Stephen Marshallday (and others) would not have half or a third of the teams they have- so something is either amiss (cheating/knowledge) or wrong (game setup). I pre
  7. Re: Gold Game Worlds - What is the Point That is a fair comment, and I do understand that not everyone who gets a Real, Barcelona, Milan or Man Utd had some prior information. But it still does not explain the following - which again is nothing but stats so pick away: 161 gold game worlds or 322 Barcelona's and Real's in a game having in excess of 2000 Gold Game Participants. If they were appearing completely randomly (as this game clearly states) - each person would get a Barca or Real once in about 7 games. Absolute tosh !! There are several - I know of 5 or 6 players who have 15-20 G
  8. I am relatively new to Gold Game Worlds and have had reasonable success with teams I have chosen. I have, however, become really frustrated with whole idea in recent weeks, and have just posted a newspaper article about it in Game World 161. It is clear to me that it is just a SCAM. They are not random at all - some people know when they are appearing The same people are constantly getting the best teams with their 'inside' knowledge There are people with mulitple unofficial accounts. There are people who get 'friends' to sign in and make transfers The who concept of friends in game is
  9. Re: Load data pack tchhhh, tchhhhhh What a pile of party poopers - I think it is a great idea .......because - violin music please I support Scarborough. We were the Real Madrid of non-league football in the 70' and early 80's..... We were 1st team to be promoted to football league automatically ....got to play-off final following season..... we battered and v.:Dnearly beat chelsea in FA Cup under 'Romans Guidance', then alas, we got knocked out of football league by Carlisle goalkeeper Jimmy Glass scoring a screamer in the 92nd minute of last game of season....we lost our star strike
  10. Re: Why do cheats always win on sm? this is my first post and I write because I have seen same in 2 of my game worlds, and it really does get you down - particularly when you have spent hours and hours scouring to build a good team. I have won a league 2 yrs running - and guy who used to win every year has started being involved in some strange dealings. Several new managers joined - all buying his over-the-hill players for ludicrous sums - value 13.6 selling for 40 - only for new manager to resign after transfer gone through. This happened with 6 similar transfers and with proceeds he ha
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