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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC65 Lyon! Need some big deals done have some top names for PE get in touch to deal. Toni 90 can leave if the right cash deal comes in. GC138 A.Madrid! Looking to deal need depth. GC147 Blackburn Rovers! Looking for a 88+ CM for cash just PM me.
  2. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread My Rushden & Diamonds are real off form but sticking it out, Now in 17th place at least I am not last right but not too good will be having a big over hall on the 11-14th of March just hope I can make this side better then it seems to be with a Div 5 side worth 17M should have been up there in the Title hunt time to see if I can change things.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 99 Match Reports | Transfers Took Sao Paulo as I need to make my self a good Brazil side one my first game 3-1 and happy with that. Made some big deals so far: IN: KANOUTE 92 - 15M - MURPHY 88 - 5.8M - SIMPLICIO 90 - 19M - PAREJA 88 - 5M - HUGHES 88 - 6.4M - BORJA 77 - 1.3M. Happy so far now to make my impact.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 147 Updated GC! Well had my 2 week band and now I am back and have Blackburn Rovers made some big moves here is my list of deals. 1st team players: OCHOA - 89 - Joined in a swap for Paul ROBINSON & Steven NZONZI, I am a big fan of the Mexico star and hope he dose well here. MONSALVE - 77 - The best Canada has to offer for Young keepers he joined for £860k happy with that. BORDON 91 - Over payed for the Brazil ace but had to cost me £3.0M + Jason ROBERTS & Brett EMERTON if he stays 90+ for a season ill be happy. CANNAVARO 90 - The Italy © will be a key player this season and cost Míchel SALGADO & Keith ANDREWS another big price. MARQUEZ 89 - The Ex Barcalona star has a lot to give and came in with £5.0M + Martin OLSSON happy with the price.. PETIT 88 - The CM was needed and when I have a chance to get a nice 88 I have to take it at a cost of £8.0M. JUNINHO 87 - The CM who left Lyon will be a good player for me this season and cost £6.2M. JOHNSON 86 - The 22 year old when I got the chance to pay £5.5M seemed a good deal just hope the news is right about him. BLANCO 85 - Depth is everything so 2.5M was not to much as I need it. DEMPSEY 88 - See him hiting 89 so payed Morten Gamst PEDERSEN to get him plus he has been linked with United to take Giggs role when he hangs his boots. HENRY 89 - The Ex Gunner is here just for goals now to see if he can get them. Cost - David HOILETT & Hérold GOULON BENITEZ 87 - The Ex Birmingham City star was fee for a 7.3M deal so had to take it. TONI 90 - My Best signing cost 15M what in my eyes was cheap now to see if he dose well. Got a lot of youths for loan and still 20M looking for a CM 88+ for cash.
  5. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread What about shock team of the year, Like the team that has done the best from each div for transfers and form so fan. do it each month. Then after we do a player of the month and manager of the month.
  6. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread I am Mr. Hammer for the last time. Also my 17M squad is calling for any team that can take loans to please help need to cut my wage bill have a 48 man squad need to cut it down after my squad geting payed too much each game.
  7. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread No just my new name. But I am not hiding just no one has asked me
  8. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Just so everyone nose will be doing a 3 game prediction to how I think things will look the end of the season for each division to make things look that bit more fun.
  9. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread My Rushden & Diamonds lost again 2-1 not happy but even worse news, M DAVIES - 22 - 83 out for 2 weeks now to my B side to do the work my A side can not. 3 players out now. Martí RIVEROLA - Twisted ankle - 6 days - 75 Mark DAVIES - Shin injury - 2 weeks - 83 Juan CARLOS - Shoulder injury - 2 weeks - 77 For a Div 5 side this could be what gets me the loss of the League or Promotion.
  10. Re: EC-7521-Birmingham-City-Rise To The Top ANOTHER TOP YOUNG PLAYER JOINES! Young ST Silva Neymar has joined Birmingham City in a deal worth over 10 million he joined on a 2 year deal. The 18 year old has told press he wants to make a impact just last season he was close to joining Chelsea but he wants to get 1st team football and new manager Di Canio has told press he wants to sign some of the best young players.
  11. Re: EC-7521-Birmingham-City-Rise To The Top BIRMINGHAM SIGN TOP YOUNG STRIKER! In a deal that has shocked the football world Birmingham City has signed Romelu Lukaku in a deal that sore him sign a 4 year deal, The 17 year old cost 3.5 million plus two players and manager Di Canio has came out saying he wants to make this side a grate team.
  12. Re: EC-7521-Birmingham-City-Rise To The Top SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY SELL YOUNG STAR! In another real nice deal Sheffield Wednesday has sold 19 year old Nathan Modest to Birmingham City in a deal worth 70K the Striker has came out saying the move was a easy chose as he wanted to move to a big side and City can make the impact for there side when he gets a chance.
  13. Re: EC-7521-Birmingham-City-Rise To The Top SUNDERLAND SELL YOUTH TO BIRMINGHAM! Sunderland have came to a deal with Birmingham City that has seen CM Jack Colback head back to a Blew side but at what cost. The young star joined on a 3 year deal costing 3 million and manager Paolo Di Canio has said this chose was easy for us to bring one of the best young players from England join our side he can leave on loan if a side wants to join.
  14. Re: Tottenham Hotspur Rise To Fame TOTTENHAM VS MAN CITY: Tonight 17th place Tottenham Hotspurs take on 8th place Manchester City in what fans are calling the make or brake game for both sides. City with some of the top names around the world will be aiming to gain a win against a strong Tottenham who come off the back of a 3 - 1 win against Arsenal were as Tottenham have it all to loss too many losses could see them leave the top flight of England and that could mean the end of the new boss. City are also on the back of a 6 - 0 win and thay have it all to prove but can thay take the form of new manager Di Canio away from the London side. The Big Boys Are Here! With the game just 13H away from the kick off Messi has been getting ready for the team trip to London the star of City will be aiming to make his impact as he has all season but is the new look to Tottenham the chance to stop the wizz kid. Ex Team Mate To Messi Ready To Brake Out In EPL! The deal everyone has been talking about French ace Franck Ribery has joined just at the right time for the fight to stay up. The 27 year old has told press he is aiming to make a big impact here and hopes he can tonight against Manchester City and show Messi how a real player plays football.
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