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  1. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Ok, this is probably me being ignorant...but how come the Argentinian changes were in progress on that rating schedule, yet I look this morning and its suddenly changed to Ukrainian rating changes instead, apparently skipping out the rest of South America? Just curious... Awesome thread though Insider, really unrivalled in the depth of your Brazilian football knowledge, most impressive son!
  2. Re: Ratings of these??? As far as i'm concerned all of the ones highlighted in bold should undoubtedly be kept and probably offered new 5 year contracts! Especially: Chiellini - new Cannavarro type character Mandanda - 1st choice for France and still young Busquets - Barcelona starter, will play even more if Yaya Toure goes. Rafael Da Silva - Undeniable talent with a bright future. Bojan - Doesnt really need explaining, potentially David Villa's long term replacement for Spain. The others i'm not so sure of, they are all undoubtedly players with a lot of talent but players like Giov
  3. Re: Chance to buy Diego Ribas... I'll give you my current lineup of the main players and subs, not including first teamers.... GK - Lloris - 90 CB - Garay - 91 CB - Raul Albiol - 92 CB - Juan - 93 RM - Afellay - 90 CM - Fabregas - 95 DM - Mascherano - 94 CM - Moutinho - 91 LM - Diego Capel - 90 CF - Van Persie - 92 CF - Torres - 96 Current Subs and Backup W/AM - Menez - 89 (TRL) F/AM - Nilmar - 89 F/AM - Guilherme - 89 (TRL) CM - Denilson - 88 CB - Santacroce - 89 W/F - Mata - 89 F - Balotelli - 86 Soon to be signed/in the process of signing/potentially signable. CF - Nis
  4. I have a chance to potentially buy Diego Ribas and have enough money in the bank...however, wages would get very high so i was thinking of offloading Joao Moutinho to further raise funds and wage-bill wise too, would that be a wise move or is Moutinho a future superstar that'd i'd be foolish to release? PS, its also a sort of fund raiser to bag Mertesacker too...he worth it? Opinions appreciated.
  5. Re: How much difference would a 96 rated goalkeeper make... cant believe if i'm even contemplating whether or not to buy a 95 rated player if can anyway haha its a given!! a must buy!
  6. Re: How much difference would a 96 rated goalkeeper make... hmm i'd be inclined to agree in some instances, for example look at adrian mutu in all of your setups, he may not be the best rated striker but he sure as heck knows where the back of the net is, in nearly all my setups hes top scorer most seasons and if not hes always in the top 5. just one of those players who scores loads it seems. imbrahimovic on the other hand rated 96....really doesnt score many for me :| just a lil bit to add to the discussion of player effectiveness.... with regards to positioning, if a player is rated rb/cb
  7. How much difference in team performances and results would a 96 rated goalkeeper make in comparison to a 90-91 rated 'keeper instead??
  8. Re: Facundo Sebastian Roncaglia lookin for an update with this fella with the argentinian changes coming round fairly soon...is he up to much?
  9. Re: José Carlos Tofolo Júnior (Alemáo) any chance this fella will rise at all in the next brazilian ratings?
  10. Re: Log in problem... YES!! Scaring me quite alot....i'm praying i've not lost my teams!!! :|
  11. Re: Adonis' Must Buy Players. does anyone really care about rep?! its ridiculous, just a means of validating yourself to others who you feel you need to validate yourself to so you dont feel insecure within your gaming/forum experience. its almost as if you're desperately trying to be the most popular kid in the playground...except on a forum! All of the people who make the best posts dont particularly care about rep as they already know for a fact they're doing a very good job with their scouting anyway!
  12. Re: Adonis' Must Buy Players. no one cares, stop crying.
  13. Re: 24/7 Transfers poll it wasnt broken so why fix it?
  14. Re: 24/7 Transfers if it aint broke dont fix it.
  15. Re: 24/7 Transfers poll Yeah i really dont like it either, it could completely ruin the rating changes idea like the last guy said. It also makes any last minute ratings changes posts from the top scouts absolutely useless unless they are at least 24 hours before the rating changing window! Wonder if they'll change it back?
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