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  1. Re: TFC - The Fluffy Championship ( Coming soon ) Celtic it is
  2. Re: Best Rated Team On SM Ever - Manchester City Goodluck with this, some team you will end up with
  3. Re: THE PRINCIPLE OF PROGRESSION!.. new gameworld set to launch in a few month.. info Sounds like a good idea, and I'd be interested in joining if it's cool with you!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Think I'd rather have De Jong..
  5. Re: new league Just letting you guys know this is Celtic67, my usual login:) Roll on setup opening
  6. Re: TFC - The Fluffy Championship ( Coming soon )
  7. Re: A new Forum filled EC (Please read) Can count me in too
  8. Re: help urgent ... barcelona Play a 3-5-2 strongest players in their best positions. Play attacking, use counter attack, playmaker(Messi) and target man(Villa). Passing mixed, attacking style mixed. I'd also get rid of Torres, bring in another few defenders. Look to Vidic, Pique, Lahm, Cole, Terry and possibly cheaper options like Ferdinand & Lucio
  9. Re: The European Bierley Challenge!.. Gameworld ID!.. 62108.. Applied for Willem
  10. Re: THE EUROPEAN BIERLEY CHALLENGE!.. (small club sign up.. starting this weekend!).. Sent you my ingame ID buddy MarcoV Cheers!!
  11. Re: new custom world league!!! Taken over at Tottenham, if anyone is interested in players drop me a message on
  12. Re: It's A Poor Man's World - discussion thread Applied for Stranraer
  13. Re: Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER deal !URGENT! Nah keep Schweinsteiger
  14. Re: new custom world league!!! Man City/AC Milan please ?
  15. Re: evra deal Good deal if your getting Evra.
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