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  1. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) is pablo hernandez going to continue rising/ is he worth keeping? Thanks
  2. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Iv heard mixed reviews on piatti of almeria, is he going to rise or stay?? Here you have him down to stay but iv also been told hes certain to rise by one or two. Could someone please give me an up to date opinion. Thanks
  3. Re: Benzema or Higuain cheers guys, still going to try get both becuase i can see Benzema being a hit at SA 2010
  4. I can get one of the 2 and both are similar priced. Higuain is going to rise to 93 shortly, making them both 93 rated 22 year olds but who should i buy.. For example, future rises/ potential. Thanks
  5. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) thanks alot, as always a good help
  6. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) Could anyone help please, its urgent.
  7. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) What is happening to Camacho of Atletico Madrid? Currently an 83 but i dont think he has featured much and obviously Madrid have been very poor thus far. But will he rise?? Thanks
  8. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) I thought mata was going up to 92 maybe 93!!
  9. Re: Kwadwo Asamoah much appreciated
  10. Re: Kwadwo Asamoah Does he still have long term potential or should i sell him? I dont need the money but how is he performing? Thanks
  11. Re: .Dan_DG17's. List Of French Ligue 1 Risers. What is going to happen to moussa sissoko of toulouse??
  12. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) what is gourcuff rising to and is ederson rising?? thanks
  13. Re: Spanish Ratings what is going to happen to rossi??
  14. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Can i please have rating predictions on lavezzi, giovinco, balotelli and hamsik. thanks
  15. Re: Need one WING who will rise to 90 Is Pablo Hernandez really going to rise to 91 possibly, how good is he??!
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