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  1. Re: Gold Championships - Bringing Value To Cash & Realism To The Game

    I hate the idea of a squad cap, since they don't exist in real life. I don't see a problem with the player concern system, TBH. It has forced me to sell on players who I would have rather kept, since I simply can't give them all enough game time. My one issue with the concerns system is with youth players (under 21s) concerned with game time. On one of my teams I gave 20 year old Balotelli more minutes that the real Man City gave him last season, and he still wasn't happy, so I ended up selling him.

    The source of the hoarding issue as I see it is that the gameworld economies are simply too rich. I just left a Celtic team in a GC that had over 300 million cash and essentially nowhere to spend it, since every other team also has tons of money.

    GC's are ruined by easy money. Make revenues harder to come by (and/or raise player wages) and it will make it naturally harder to pay all your players, forcing you to let some go.

  2. Re: Stadium Building

    I'd settle for the ability to just fill my stadiums. I'm totally frustrated with my smaller teams, which are consistently successful on the pitch, but can't attract enough fans.

    Example 1: EC3995 - Just led Bradford City to the SMFA Shield semi final against Rubin. Home leg match attendance: 20,062 (capacity 25,136). If the real-life Bradford City made it to the semi finals of the Europa League, there's no way they wouldn't sell out Valley Parade.

    Example 2: ASL279 - In the 4th season of the gameworld, my Vancouver Whitecaps just won their 4th straight domestic league, and also just won the SMFA Champions Cup for the first time. That's 10 honours in 4 seasons. This season's average attendance? 15,652, which is below average for the league, and about 5,000 less than the real life Vancouver Whitecaps.

  3. Re: New Position - Fullback (FB)

    This has been on my mind for a while. It has always troubled me that there are LB/RB and LM/RM, but "Wing" doesn't specify L or R.

    I would suggest that they add a "FB" position, but only for players who can truly play at LB or RB, not as a replacement for those two positions (e.g. Jose Enrique of Liverpool only ever plays LB. He should not get the FB designation).

    I would also like to see LW and RW added for wings who only ever play on one side of the pitch.

  4. Re: marco reus

    Well' date=' that's for Japan, not really relevant. For Dortmund he is the AM (and that works really well for Dortmund, I see why he is the AM, and therefore Götze put wide). Why change something that's not broken?[/quote']The change is coming when Reus arrives. Something's gotta give.
  5. Re: marco reus

    Kagawa is the AM. He won't be a wing' date=' Götze will (and does). Anywho, Kagawa is more likely to leave than Götze (and then Reus may be the AM like he is for Gladbach? Idunno).[/quote']Kagawa is usually played at left wing for Japan. could be shifted there for BVB, but then what to do with Grosskreutz?
  6. Re: Respuesta: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012

    cabaye is unlikely (as much as i hate to say it as a newcastle fan!!)' date=' i think cabaye will stay where he is, other players in that side are at an equal level or better than cabaye without the same rating, so i think it would be slightly unjust[/quote']Cabaye has been injured, and has only played 5 PL matches since the last review. I believe he will be back this weekend. He and Cheik Tiote formed one of the best central MF partnerships in the league for the first few months of the season. If he can regain his form, he could very well hit 91 in the summer review, but not this time.
  7. Re: Henrik MKHITARYAN

    What do you think? Will rise or descend the rating?
    Wouldn't be surprised to see him hit 89 in the next Ukraine ratings review, especially if Shakhtar can get back into first place. Failing to qualify for the last 16 of the CL won't help though.
  8. Re: Gary Cahill Swap for Ramsey or Romeu??

    Obviously you need to weigh your tactical needs trading a defender for a midfielder, but personally I would trade Cahill for Ramsey in a heartbeat. Ramsey should be rising to 88 in this review, but Cahill shouldn't rise playing for such a **** team.


    That was supposed to say c-r-a-p. I can't believe SM would star out such a mild word. :P

  9. Re: Chrome Web Store

    How is this different than playing on another browser through the web site?


    Edit: I normally use Firefox, but I installed Chrome just so I could check out this Soccer Manager "install". It's just a shortcut! It's not like you're installing an app or anything.

  10. Re: Forum Championship

    What browser are you using and would it be possible to post a screenshot?
    I use Firefox' date=' but I tested Internet Explorer, and it's the same. I've never linked a pic before so hopefully this works:


    The screenshot above is from my netbook at 1024x600 resolution. You can see the chat bar is overlapping the news feed on the right. The window is maximized, and I auto-hide the taskbar in order to gain more real estate, which is why it doesn't show. On a widescreen display, the chat bar is off to the side an out of the way.

  11. Re: Forum Championship

    I can see it but I don't want to - I hate always-on-top "bars" on websites that interfere with the content I am trying to view.

    I can see that it is nicely off to the side on a widescreen 1920x1080 display, but on my Mac with 1440x900 resolution it is overlapping the main part of the window. On my netbook with 1024x600, it's horrible.

  12. Re: Forum Championship

    300 million maybe would be better starting budget

    Or maybe you should spend your money more wisely, rather than blow 26M on Jan Vertonghen :D

    Personally, I'd love to see big-name clubs starting with tiny budgets so you can't make the glory signings right out of the gate. Make it so it's a race to see who can afford to sign Messi first, rather than auctioning him off to the highest bidder.

  13. Re: Forum Championship

    you shouldnt be able to bid more than you have in your balance' date=' People yesterday were bidding 3-4-5 times the £250m limit, bidding on like 180+ players and just hoping they get some. I would like it to be more strategic and harder to do deals.[/quote']For the record, I am not one who did this, but I don't see what the issue is. Why would I care what someone else's strategy is? I think they are putting themselves at a disadvantage doing it that way vs. targeting specific players, but if that's how they want to do things, so be it. No skin off my back.
  14. Re: Forum Championship

    Very pleased with my Fenerbahçe starting XI, and the second team is starting to fall into place...

    Buffon 94

    Fanni 89 Puyol 96 Carvalho 93 Abidal 92

    Pepe 89 Alonso 94 Totti 92 Malouda 92

    Lazovic 89 Berbatov 93

    Got another 9 players secured, and still 45M to spend... B)

  15. Re: Custom Game World: New Advanced Rule

    I tend to agree.

    One thing I think might lend a bit of realism is for chairman AI to get better. Like' date=' for example, they step in and accept outlandish cash bids. Would need to work in conjunction with better financial coding from the devs, though[/quote']

    Agreed. I have a team in GC2 with gobs of cash and nowhere to spend it. Issues: (1) too much money in the gameworld, and (2) the amount of cash chairmen are willing to spend on players is unrealistically low. If these could be fixed, a cash-only economy could work.

  16. Re: New players

    The idea of realism is to mimic the conditions under which the real football world operates, not to replicate every player transaction, goal and yellow card. If you want that, you might as well just watch Sky Sports News.

    The team was more or less accurate at the time you took it over. Now it's up to you to manage. If the prospect is that valuable to you, pay the price, just like Fergie would in real life.

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