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  1. Re: Forum Championship Fenerbahçe here! Questions: - If Messi ends up at a fourth division side, will he develop concerns that he is not playing at the highest level? - When exactly did the 48 hours start? Is it the same for everyone? I've never joined a GW before it opened before - does it tell me somewhere when I can start bidding for players? - Is there an actual North American style "draft", or are we simply starting out with a clean slate and equal money to spend on free agents? - What if you spend all your money and don't get to 21 players? Will the chairman chip in more money to fill the squad?
  2. Re: Transfer Ban Change This proposal would be a huge detriment to smaller teams who rely on flipping investment players quickly in order to keep their cash flowing, and give an even larger advantage to the Real Madrids, Bayerns, Inters, etc. I am strongly against longer TB periods.
  3. Re: Attendance System Flawed? My Vancouver Whitecaps won the league/cup double in ASL 279 season 1, averaging around 14,000 per game. In season 2 we are joint top of the table after 4 games played, and average attendance has DROPPED to 10,000. Meanwhile the real life Vancouver Whitecaps, sitting bottom of the league in MLS, are averaging over 20,000 per game.
  4. Re: Poor quality player images being approved - Why? Oh, and the updated photo for Andreas Beck is totally creepy. Whoever submitted it stretched it horizontally. It looks like his eyes are bugging out of his head...
  5. Re: Poor quality player images being approved - Why? About 2 months ago I submitted good quality, properly sized, non-distorted images of most of the Vancouver Whitecaps squad, sourced from the team website, and none of them have shown up yet. I do all the work for SM, yet all the time I spent was seemingly wasted.
  6. Re: "Help" from Assistant Manager As I said, it was a domestic cup match, not an SMFA match. Regardless, I am a gold member. The message I got in my club messages read, "Your last fixture had too many players out of position and so your Assistant Manager attempted to pick a better side."Pity I can't fire my assistant manager. Total BS.
  7. I was royally screwed over by my Assistant Manager today. Please allow me to explain. Last Tuesday, I took over a team still in its first season. While the previous manager had made some astute signings (Lukaku, De Gea, Goetze, etc.) he had concentrated on midfielders and forwards, and left the team woefully under-resourced at the back. The team had only 4 defenders, one of whom was injured. The team was still involved in all 3 domestic competitions, which meant of course that all the defenders were being forced to play at far below 100% fitness level. The team was languishing in 14th place, very close to the relegation zone, and needed help fast. The club had very little cash left, and all but one of the players was transfer banned until October. My first course of action was to sign a decent defender with most of the the remaining money, followed by trading the one remaining non-transfer banned player for a second defender. Naturally, both of these players arrived at the club well below 100% fitness as well. With the little remaining cash (~600k) I attempted to sign a low-rated defender, just to get another warm body on the team. However, since the club played away on Saturday, it lost a little money and the transfer collapsed hours before it was due to complete. Unable to bring in another player in time for today's domestic cup match, I decided for the long-term health of the team that I would rest my 5 defenders and play some midfielders at the back. With the team so thin at the back, I figured that I would rather crash out of the cup tournament so I could focus on avoiding relegation from the first division. I logged in after the match to check the score, expecting a heavy defeat, and what do I find? My Assistant Manager went behind my back and and put three of my defenders into the starting squad. Not only that, we won the match 3-0, so now I have the prospect of this low-fitness nightmare continuing for the foreseeable future. Why was this allowed to happen? It should be my choice to play players out of position if I feel it is for the betterment of the team. If I have to continue to play 3 matches a week, I am risking injury to my defenders and possible relegation. The earliest I will be able to bolster my squad with defensive reinforcements is October 9th, when the transfer bans from the previous manager start expiring.
  8. Normally I would never think of buying a player over 26 or so, but since he is now playing for an obscure Qatari team in a league that rarely gets reviewed, he's probably a safe 91 for a while, no? (Short of retiring, of course). Or do individual players occasionally get reviewed? If so, he would probably drop at least 3 points.
  9. Re: Russian Ratings 2011/2012 I checked it myself. Russia is still the 7th ranked country, ahead of Netherlands, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey.CSKA and Zenit are both among the top 25 teams in Europe, ahead of Fiorentina, Sporting CP, Schalke, PSV, Man City, Juventus, Rangers, Everton, and many more.
  10. Re: New Features & Improvements Overall I'm liking the new UI a lot. However, I'm pretty disappointed that after scrolling through the first page of player search results, I still have to scroll back to the top in order to click the link to page 2. Why can't the page links be at the bottom where they belong?
  11. Re: Russian Ratings 2011/2012 Looks like the highest-rated Russian risers went from 86->87. Pretty gutted that neither Doumbia nor Tosic rose. I thought Doumbia was a dead cert for 90. At least I sold Lazovic and Torbinsky at the right time. Has Russia's UEFA coefficient dropped?
  12. Re: J. Boateng or Otamendi or Rakytskiy? Boateng, if for no other reason that he is a Def and can play anywhere at the back. Gives you tremendous flexibility.
  13. Re: Schalke's GK Fährmann Schalke have certainly shown a willingness to go with youth. Now that Neuer has moved to Bayern, he seems to be the new #1, barring any late deals to bring an experienced keeper in, so he should be a good riser this year.
  14. Re: Fernando Muslera Unfortunately De Gea isn't available, but have Guaita (24/87), Kraft (23/85), Zieler (22/84) and Baumann (21/86), so no shortage of young talent here
  15. I've just acquired Victor Valdes, which makes Fernando Muslera expendable. Should I hold onto Muslera (he just backstopped Uruguay to the Copa America title, so he may rise to 90), or should I sell him on?
  16. Re: 3-5-2 Fail, help with tactics SM is like rock-paper-scissors. There is no ultimate tactic. It depends on what tactics the other team is using.
  17. Re: Best formation for Long Ball That doesn't sound right. In theory (I haven't tried this myself) if the idea is to lob the ball from the back over the midfield directly to your strikers, then you probably don't want so many players in midfield. Maybe try 4-2-4 or 5-2-3?
  18. Re: Need RB advice Thanks for your input. I will definitely check out Abate. Do you think Beck has peaked at 89 with Hoffenheim, or would he need to transfer to a big club to rise?
  19. Re: Dreamteam advice! If you're looking for "youngsters" you can take Evra and Pepe off that list. From those who are left, I would say Wilshere, Hazard, M'Vila and Sahin have the most upside potential. Also, have you looked at Fabio Coentrao for LB?
  20. I've nearly got my starting XI to a 90+ level except for the Right Back position. I currently have: Andreas BECK RB 24 89 Christian TRASCH DM/RB 23 89 Mario GASPAR RB 20 87 Manuel SCHMIEDEBACH CM/RB 22/87 (Note: I didn't specifically target German players. It just sort of worked out that way ) So where do I go from here? Are any of these likely to rise in the near future, or should I be looking elsewhere to bolster my squad? Thanks in advance.
  21. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Okay I have one thing that's bugging me. In one of my game worlds, Sami Khedira is on the Loan List. Problem is, when I go to make a loan bid for him, I get a message that says, "The chairman of [club name] will not loan out this player so the bid has not been submitted". So why allow the player to be loan listed at all?
  22. Re: Player concerns poll I think the system is pretty fair right as it is right now. I've seen one star-hoarder lose several players at once - I even got one of them However, there are still some bugs to work out. For example, the other day I had two of my Uruguay-based players rise in value. On the very same day, they both developed level 1 concerns over wages. How does that happen? In this case, I planned on selling them as soon as they rose in value anyway, but it hardly seems fair. Concerns are supposed to develop over time.
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