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  1. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers I don't know the inner workings of real-life football deals, but when I make an offer on a house, my bid has an expiry date/time on it, which pushes the owner to make a timely decision. It couldn't be that difficult to implement something similar in SM.
  2. Re: How about transfering 2-3 players from the same club at the same time??? I think tarikataturkcol has a point. I can offer up two players in exchange for one player in one transaction. Why is it that I can't offer one player for two players or two players for two players in one transaction? Example: Player A has two players, one valued at 10 million, another valued at 2 mil. Player B wants those two players, and would like to exchange two players, both worth 6 million each. There is no way to do this deal equitably in two separate transactions.
  3. Re: EPL Rating prediction thread. I didn't see Jack Rodwell in the Everton predictions. Will he rise?
  4. Re: Search for Players Process For me, the Search page is one of the weakest parts of the SM user experience. I notice that I can now specify exact minimum and maximum player ratings, which is great, but I have a few other suggestions for improvement: 1. Please make the minimum and maximum ages exact like you did with the player ratings. For example I may want to search for players between 19 and 26, but I can't do this with the current drop downs limited to 15, 18, 21, 25, 30 and 35. 2. When I'm looking through multiple pages of results, it makes me crazy that after scrolling down through the first page, I have to scroll all the way back up to the top in order to click to the next page. Please put the page number and Next/Previous links at the bottom of the results as well as at the top. 3. When I want to sort the results, for example by age or value, it only sorts the results on the current page. Please make it so you can sort ALL the results. 4. Along the same lines, how about allowing me to select how many hits I want to view on a single page? Or even just allowing me to view ALL of them on one page. This would certainly eliminate the issue in #2. 5. In the Specific Search box, please allow me to search for a Real Life Club as well as for a Game World Club. 6. This one frustrates me the most - there is no way to search for Free Agents like you can for players on a particular team. There needs to be some way of unearthing Free Agents other than simply stumbling upon them.
  5. Re: Omar Salgado - The Next Hernandez? Whitecaps FC season ticket holder here. Salgado is the real deal. He's only 17 and yet to fill out his tall frame, but when he does he will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years. Another young Vancouver player to watch is Gershon KOFFIE. He's a 20-year old Ghanaian CM. He has already played 585 minutes in MLS as well as 120 minutes in the Canadian Championship, and all this despite missing club time dues to a a call up to the Ghana U20 team, where he played in two matches at the African Cup. He's not in the DB yet, but should be soon.
  6. Re: Hockey World Cup 2011 The IIHF World Championship (not World Cup - that's a different competition that hasn't been played in a while) is a joke. What's the point in scheduling the tournament when all the world's best players are in the Stanley Cup playoffs?
  7. Re: Argentina Clausura Does anyone know what has happened with Sergio ARAUJO of Boca Juniors? He was a nice little riser during the Apertura, but has only played 21 minutes so far this term. Thanks.
  8. Re: Mexican risers 2010/2011 I must have read the same thread, because I bought him for one of my teams too.He's 21 years old, has 12 starts and 4 sub appearances (1092 minutes) for Atlante, and has scored 3 goals. I'm guessing 78 -> 80/81
  9. Re: Newcastle players Barton, Tiote, Enrique, Best all got +1. Taylor and Jonas, no change.
  10. Re: Newcastle players C'mon, dude. When was the last time that being 6th place in March meant you were Europe-bound? Bear in mind that Birmingham won the league cup, which means there is one less Europa League place available.I'm a Newcastle supporter, but I'm also a realist. Europe would be nice, but it's still a very outside shot at this point. I'll still be happy just to avoid relegation, and of course we have the 5under1and result
  11. Re: Newcastle players I wish your predictions were close, but I'm afraid you've overstated their ratings. Would say solid 87, outside shot at 88. It's pretty rare for a player in the mid-high 80's to get a three-point bump. Again, 87, maybe 88. If he continues his form, he could hit 89 some time next season, but not now. Same as Tiote. Staying at 86 for now. As you said, he's been injured most of the season, and he's now behind Williamson and Coloccini for a starting position. He hasn't played for Argentina since the last time Premier League players were reviewed, and he hasn't done enough in the league to warrant a rise. Maybe 85 on the outside, but no more for now. He's shown he can score over a few games, but needs to string it into longer term success to go higher. With Carroll now gone to Liverpool, he will certainly get his chances.
  12. Re: some Czech Risers I'm new with predictions, but these ones seem to be in for a decent rise: NAVRATIL, Jan (Sigma Olomouc) 75-80 880 min GREGUS, Jan (Baník Ostrava) 75-78 620 min KRAUT, Dominik (Ustí nad Labem) 75-80/81 997 min
  13. Re: Russian Risers 2010 Starikov was on loan at Tom Tomsk, also a Russian Premier League club. He played 526 minutes, scoring a goal and an assist. He should have gotten a rise.
  14. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Umut BULUT has 11 goals in 22 games for Trabzonspor this season and got a call-up to the national squad. He also scored 7 goals in 9 Turkish Cup matches last season, including one in the final, which Trabzonspor won. Any chance of a bump up from 88?
  15. Re: Berbatov to 94 Leon Best is outscoring Rooney at the moment. That's hardly an argument.
  16. Re: Champions League Ratings Seems to be a lack of consensus on Delaney. The other thread has him staying at 75, but you're predicting a +5.He's made 2 short sub appearances in the Champions League this season, plus 9 appearances in the domestic league. Based on that alone, he would have to rise from 75, right?
  17. Re: A-League Nice job! I wish I had found this list before I did my Aussie investing, although I have to say I did pretty well on my own
  18. Re: argentina rating Thanks for putting this list together. Any predictions on how much each of them will rise? I've got limited cash to spend, so I want to get the best return on my investments
  19. Re: Stop blocking deals between external and unmanaged clubs. Could it be that the unmanaged club is in the 7-day transition period between managers and ineligible for transfers?
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