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  1. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players Hi, Any good youngster from small country?
  2. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Genius! Hope can play match with him again one day. That's why he left:eek:
  3. Re: New MLS Clubs Never notice for it.
  4. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Any way to prevent those big team dominate? some GC are ridiculous, the strong team become stronger and the weak team become weaker. The gap is just getting bigger and bigger. Those gameworld like belonging to a few dominate only. I remember many had suggest squad cap. How about squad cap that only allow 20x 90+ rating player in a team or something similar, is just suggestion. Or the concern level of high rate player increase even faster. I know this suggestion may get fierce attack from those super power.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 1 News He is the Legend of GC. I didn't stay in GC for long but I did admire him and wonder how much effort for him to build this empire. This come not easy. Heard he use glitch or something in beginning to build current squad but I didn't see it. I see more often are many other big team try to cheat trade bit by bit. Also a few team that do one side deal openly. Now the left over ridiculous super squad is Yeovil Town. Follow by Boca/Napoli/Bayern... Stoke City, Sunderland, Munich, Aue, Real Zaragoza, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona are some dom
  6. Re: Clubs who have lost a manager Interesting idea!
  7. Re: Any hidden stats? You word make sense, I make some friendly match again similar team but with change of captain or swap a few players left or right. I t seem a bit different.
  8. Re: My friend has not been sacked (dont play no more) Just ask him to either quit the gameworld or deactivate account.
  9. Re: treat us with respect and sort out bugs. I will double check next time:cool:
  10. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development I would like to suggest that member can purchase those closed gameworld. The gameworld can be re-open after payment. Another suggestion is, for custom gameworld, the owner can paid to increase the size of the gameworld, like extra division, or extra cup; or paid to change the gameworld name. Also, it will be good if the size of the squad can be limited in custom gameworld, the owner can change the maximium number or player per team at the creation of the gameworld or paid to change in new season.
  11. Re: Difficulty for reporting long ago multiple accounts/illegal transfers ALL my ticket being closed today, so sad that I make so much effort and time to search for evidence but the stuff don't even bother to check on it. What for reporting cheat and what is the meaning of justice? I am too silly and naive.
  12. Re: I found a cheat - help ! Same here, I am learning how to make cheat report too! goodluck to you!!
  13. Re: Custom GW: 'Disable loans' function Yes this is good suggestion!
  14. Re: Chairman Doesn't want to do deal...GRR Yes, this happen when two of the clubs having huge different in club value...
  15. Hi Here. I joined the gamneworld near end of season and notice someone had created a lot of account(s) to do illegal transfer at beginning of season and quit all the other account (except the main one get benefit). Because there are only one account left, so I can't report it as multiple accounts. And because the transfer is a season ago, I can't report it as cheating too. This fellow had 8 gameworld and I notice that every of his gameworld had doing the similar stuff. What can I do to report him? as he already ruin many gameworld thanks!
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