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  1. Re: Aubameyang or Andre Ayew - who buy??? I'd say aubameyang because he is now at a better club. Also with the prospect of lewandowski moving to bayern next season, aubameyang would take over the striker spot. Also considering the fact that all of klopp signings turn out to be golden, we can consider big things from aubameyang. Hopefully...
  2. Re: Henrik Mkhitaryan I don't think he'll hit 91 juuust yet. Give him a season at BVB (or wherever he goes) and then he may.
  3. Re: my team who should i get rid of You don't really need to get rid of anyone, its a solid team, perhaps you have a few too many? if that's the case you really would want to keep zabaleta, get rid of barry (he's useless) and since you have 3 Lb's, get rid of clichy I rekon. I feel like most tactics are random on SM but I always use a 5-4-1 or 3-5-2, the reason i say its random is cause some seasons I win everygame, others I lose every game. Ha !
  4. Re: Vermaelen? I would get Vermaelen because: 1. There are less 90+ defenders than 90+ midfielders 2. The rumours surrounding his departure aren't solid (just like any other rumour) 3. Even though he had a poor season I doubt he will lose his 91 rating 4. Unless Belhanda moves he won't rise to 91 (there are better prospects you could get)
  5. Re: garay or dede? Which Dede are we talking here ? Vital Dede ? I would not like to have him mainly because it would be very difficult/impossible for him to raise above 90 unless he moves to a bigger club and since he just moved to Cruizero that won't be happening. But I would also not like to have Garay, he had huge potential a few years back but he was overhyped and now has returned to his former club. Overall I would prefer Garay because he played well at Benfica this year. In my opinion these guys are not solid 90 rated players. If I was buying I would try for Agger, Jones, Miranda.
  6. Re: Hugo lloris Don't be too harsh, granted spurs didn't make the top 4 (again) but lloris is quality. He's only 26 already rated 92, he didn't get that by not being consistent. If spurs manage to get into the top 4 i can see lloris rising.
  7. Re: Young 78-82 CM's You could try for Nick Powell from United. A bit of hype surrounding him.
  8. Re: jonny evans I don't think so, he has played well this season but to get a 91, i think he would have to be a first team starter for the bulk of the season. But he's still developing so give him some time, but if he doesn't establish himself as a starter (who knows how its going to play out under Moyes) I can't see him getting to 91.
  9. Re: Risers to 90 Stephan El Shaarawy
  10. Re: Should I go after Cavani or Ibrahimovic? SM won't drop Ibrahimovic for being in the French league. Why? They haven't dropped him yet, why would they now after he has scored 29 goals? Plus Ligue 1 will slowly get better, with all the money; Monaco have spent 70m on Rodriguez and Moutinho. So quality players are coming into france. In the debate about Cavani vs Ibrahimovic, I would go with Cavani, cause he's younger and will have success at a bigger club. But if you feel like getting Ibrahimovic go ahead, he's better than Cavani (for the time being).
  11. Re: Spearing or Büttner? ahaha, spearing is the worst pool player since konchesky
  12. Re: Soccer Manager App This sounds awesome, my android has real trouble formatting soccermanager.com so I can never check my GW's on the bus.
  13. Re: Kevin-Prince BOATENG for Marc Bartra and Adem Ljajic
  14. Re: Kevin-Prince BOATENG for Marc Bartra and Adem Ljajic I would keep Boateng, he's 90 rated whilst Ljajic and Batra may never get there.
  15. Re: Best striker in the World right now? I'm holding out until i see this information on another website (not newspapers, magazines) mainly because I don't want to believe it. I should make my own transfer rumour, 'Gotze declines Munich for Stevenage' ?
  16. Re: Best striker in the World right now? Is this confirmed? A lot of papers saying its confirmed but I couldn't find any official sources. If it is true....what the hell ?!
  17. Re: ballotelli or damiaio????? I would stick with Ballotelli
  18. Re: Zinedine Zidane yer zidane has been floating around game worlds for ages now. Of course you can't buy him, but its kinda cool to see what his rating was back when.
  19. Re: Best CB in the world right now? I actually think Dante has played an integral role in Bayern's impressive defensive line. But yer, as Andres_EFC pointed out, Ramos has been at the top of his game this year.
  20. Re: SzczĘsny hasn't had a great season, will stay. But he has the potential to be really good. If you're feeling impatient go for: - Begovic (89) should get a +1 next review, especially if he moves club - Ter Stegen (89) may not get a +1 next review, but one for the future - Bernd Leno (89) same as ter stegen these 89 rated guys should all reach 90 (and possibly above) in their career. If your in a competitive gameworld though....begovic will probably be available.
  21. Re: Who has been your best strikers over a full season??
  22. Re: Who has been your best strikers over a full season??
  23. Re: Any 89 Lb's +1 I second this. But he probably won't get it
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