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  1. Re: new transfer rules i agree that the owner of there setup can decide if you can or can't buy from unmanaged teams, above all we did pay to be gold, so there should be more control we can have.
  2. Re: Player Notes i think thats a good idea it would save alot of time wasting in constent bids for a player, also you now what the other manager wants lets say he is selling a midfield player rated 89 for 6mill and he wants a rb ratin 89/91 then you can come up with a deal..
  3. an idea i had was about your rep, at the moment it moves up 1 every week you play sm, my idea was that your rep moves up and down on how you are as a manager, e.g u could be on a losing streak of say about 9 matches (but your rep moves up 1 each at the moment) your rep should move down and if u win your rep moves up, also if someone has there own setup that you need to apply for they can judge you by your rep as a manager not how long you have been playing sm
  4. Re: Gold Championship 7 ATHLETIC BILBAO proudly announce that gary martin as taken charge, the board and fans alike hope that gary can make bilbao one of the top teams in spain, a quote from the new manager "watch this space"
  5. Re: Transfer help no you should keep gerrard, he is a playmaker and also he can win you matches, if i was in ur shoes i would not sell him even if someone offers 100mill..
  6. Re: SM International Stadium i think the new stadium should be named the dream stadium of sm
  7. gadga

    Match Fixing

    Re: Match Fixing hi raz. i think that there might be a match fixing going on in ec 339 div 2. as i was watching my match in div 1, i was keeping an eye on the resulst and notice that coventry was 4 - 0 up inside 5mins, the final score was coventry 12 stoke city 0. could you look into this. thanx gary.martin07@hotmail.co.uk
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    hi fellow football managers
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