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  1. Re: sponsorship I agree, let's try to talk to the staff that makes the game
  2. Re: money is not good to stay in the red, there is not some kind of sponsorship?
  3. could create some kind of sponsorship for clubs generating an extra income
  4. Re: money There is another thing to do?
  5. sergio bruno


    I have two teams, and these teams have a lot of young players and paid about 1 million in salary, finances are always in the red and collected very little, what you should do to raise more?
  6. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything which players will rise?
  7. an attacker with less than 22 years with the potential to move from 90
  8. What do you think of changing the kelly martin and eden hazard by fabregas
  9. wanting to swap the Raul Albiol, I have about 8 million bucks, what a new defender in the range of 25 million do you think is worth making a change ??????
  10. Re: Organise training for your squad every day i agreed too
  11. Re: Best young winger? marcos reus,big future
  12. Re: money I can be fired?
  13. sergio bruno


    What happens if my money is negative for a long time?
  14. 23 years old and in his second spell at Paysandu (the time revealed) Rafael Oliveira is the team's top scorer with 19 goals in 15 games, was initially the top scorer midfield, but turned right atacante.News gave as his transfer to Flamengo that ended up not working right, because his contract had new.Although has 23 years, is a good bet and current revelation League Para. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pNKNJc-FG4,,gols
  15. Hernanes and tiago Motta will value or do you think will best sell them?
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