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  1. Are those players worthkeeping after their rise? Sander Coopman 82 Jordi Vanlerberghe 82 Dion Cools 82 Wout Faes 77 Manuel Benson 75
  2. Are those players worthkeeping after their rise? Sander Coopman 82 Jordi Vanlerberghe 82 Dion Cools 82 Wout Faes 77 Manuel Benson 75
  3. Who 2 players would choose from those four! P.Fornals 87 Marcos Llorente 87 A.Caricol 85 Theo Hernandez 86 Yeray Alvarez 87 im more to Fornals and Hernandez but dont know anything about Llorente and Alvarez ! Your opinion?
  4. Honestly they both shouldnt rise... but seeing how generous can SM be... i bet Jesus will get a +1 , a strong motive is that he came back from his injury and continue scoring...
  5. Should i hold on to Intima 80 Coco 85 Blas 85 Blin 85 Is any of those something special or just average players?
  6. Rahul what you think of Fiorentina's Olivera? a +3 probably?
  7. After seeing Napoli's manager Sarri buying the captain of his ex club (Tonelli) and hearing the hypes of how good Maksimovic is, i thought those two defenders will have a lot of minutes for Napoli! Also im not a fan of Albiol, but now that season is nearly to the end i see those two players to have only a few minutes played!So..they are not too good for Napoli or had inury problems? Anyone have a clue? Should i hold on them for a year?
  8. What's your opinion on Jonny Castro? will he rise? has 90+ potential?
  9. Are those players worthkeeping? Maybe rumours for european transfer or something? Rodrigo Dourado 85 Roger Guedes 85 Vizeu 83 Caju 80
  10. i just bought them for risers and take money out of it... of course if someone is huge prospect with 89+ potential.. i will keep! i just need to offload some cause i have reached my roster limit!
  11. Who of those players are worthkeeping after the rise? Tche Tche Willian Arao R.Dourado Vitor Bueno Franca Gabriel W.Caju S.Jailson Douglas Augusto Barberan Maycon Raphael Veiga Felipe Vizeu Vieira Clayson Roger Guedes Luis Henrique Thanks in advance
  12. Who of those players are worthkeeping in a competitive GW ? Bersant Celina 82 De Ligt 77 Dabney Dos Santos 82 Oussama Idrissi 82 Kastaneer 82 Zakaria El Azzouzi 82 Van Bergen 78 Berghuis 87 St Juste 84 Van De Beek 82 Van Amersfoort 82 Van Drongelen 82 A.Nouri 80 Lammers 77 Mateo Cassiera 82 A.Nathan 82 D.Rigo 73 V. Cerny 82 Kongolo 88 I got a HUGE roster and i need to offload some players... who are for sale, you think i must wait for the next review now that Eredivisie is close t
  13. Who of these are worthkeeping after their rise? Gervane Kastaneer 82 Van Drongelen 80 El Azzouzi 82 Van Amersfoort 82 Van Bergen 78 Oussama Idrissi 82 St Juste 84 Celina 82 Thanks in advance
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