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  1. EJ-rams4lyf

    Youth team

    Whats goin on with the youth teams, i am being charged for the wages again, and my chesterfield have gone into extreme debt again!! ne1 with info please reply:cool:
  2. Re: giles barnes gash mate we dont need help mate, we got steve bloomer watchin over us
  3. Re: giles barnes a seen the link u made it up lol, na a dint no that but e is a Derby boy
  4. Re: giles barnes pah ! u made it up Giles Barnes Derby boy haha
  5. Re: giles barnes his favourite football team arsenal wt u chattin mate
  6. Re: need a new striker See EJ knows best:D
  7. Re: need a new striker gabriel obertan, a know what u asked for but hes only 18 but rated 83 does well for my derby side in a division 2 after gettin them promoted
  8. Know of any investments for next weeks rating changes??? if you find people can u either message me or give a list on this thread thx lads n lasses
  9. Re: 15 YEAR OLD GOALIE signed that goat time ago
  10. ALFARO, Emiliano what do people think of this player a rise in this weeks rating changes??? currently at Liverpool FĂștbol Club's
  11. Re: Cheat in EC ### lol how did you guess about villa n wolves lmao check jonnyboy on the forum
  12. Re: Challenge for the elite scouts out there! former comment:- AM-Dario vidosic-19-Queensland Roar(playing for FC.Nurnberg next season, but played for Roar last season) how much do you think he will go up in the rating changes
  13. what do people think to Gabriel OBERTAN
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