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    Re: Xavi i do think that Xavi is a great player but for what he does he doesn't deserve a 97 rating its just way too high i mean u could compair him to Beckham. Beckham has a great passing ability hes proberly got the best vision a player could have he always wonts the ball hes a work-horses on the pitch and more. If anything Beckhams better but his rating is a 91 and Xavi is a 97 i think that both players should have the same rating of 95
  2. Jas

    David Beckham

    Re: David Beckham not realy he shouldn't shoot down if he keeps playing the way he is then he should keep his rating
  3. Jas

    David Beckham

    Re: David Beckham
  4. Jas

    David Beckham

    Re: David Beckham Personally i don't think that it was a stroke of genius by McClaren to drop him i just think that he didn't like Becks and now things an't going the way he had planned so now hes called Becks back to help him save his job !!!!!!!!!
  5. Jas

    David Beckham

    Re: David Beckham i think for sure now he should be atleast 93 and i might be pushing it to say 94 but if he keeps this up well ...
  6. Re: Team Of The Week thats cool how did u find out and what elce can we expect ???
  7. i think that Soccer manager should make a team of the week thing i.e. for that turn they should pick 11 players that have played the best for that turn in there respected divisions pick a formation (1GK-4D-4M-2F) and one of the 11 should bee the captain (the player who has played the best og the lot) and tgis should be added in to the players stats (how many times have they been in the totw (team of the week) and also how many if any they have been captain of the totw let me know what u think
  8. Jas

    David Beckham

    Re: David Beckham i totaly agree
  9. Jose Fernando Torres i was just wondering what people thought his rating should be this seson has just been avarage for him but with sparks of genius but i feel that hes just done enough to get his rating up to a 94 (JUST) let me hnow what u think
  10. Jas

    David Beckham

    Re: David Beckham What about for England do u think he should be back in the squod or do u think that he wouldn't make a difference Personaly i feel he should never have been droped he is the heart of England as far as im concerned
  11. Jas

    David Beckham

    Re: David Beckham But aren’t were suppose to rate the players on current form not on what will be so for instance for Real Madrid Beckham is on great form so i feel if he can keep it up his rating should improve to a 93-94
  12. Hey there guys i wonted to get peoples opinions on David Beckham (91). He's sort of had a mixed seson again but he keeps fighting back with every challenge thats been thrown at him and for that i respect him. i.e When Fabio Capello sed that he would never play for Real madrid again look at him now. With the exception of Iker Casillas (who is amazing by the way) i would say David Beckham has been the most consistent for RM. Steve McClaren knows hes in the wrong and should never have dropped Beckham in the first place. and thats why i feel Beckham's rating should be a bit higher i.e 92-93. I would love to know your opinions. Thx Jas
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