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  1. Deary me. What a terrible first half once again. Playing Lingard in the #10 position is a complete waste, and with Lukaku doing little to nothing in CF, there is no real point playing Mata and Martial. Herrera has been weak, and Matic too slow. Dreadful.
  2. You are utterly delusional. Even if Messi, Ronaldo, Pele and Maradona were playing in this very team, Mourinho wouldn't have gone for anything other than a draw. He's called "Borinho" for a reason.
  3. So predictable. Liverpool playing football, and United responding with some premium anti-football. A complete waste of ninety minutes.
  4. Mane out for six weeks as well - might be United's best chance to snatch a valuable draw.
  5. Pogba is incredibly wasteful though. You're right in saying that he loves to be on the ball, but more often than not he loves it a bit too much, and ends up doing something stupid to concede possession. Though today Matic and Fellaini didn't quite cut it - too static, and perhaps too prudent in their style of play. Shaw might have to wait for some time going by Mourinho's latest remarks, but I agree that a fixed left back would sort out any defensive instabilities. Valencia was all over the place today though.
  6. Dreadful performance today; Southampton will feel like there was something to be taken. United losing every midfield battle from the get-go, with negative passing to be seen once again. Whenever someone did try to pass the ball forwards, it was either misplaced or intercepted. Mkhitaryan and Rashford poor, Mata completely out of the game and the Matic-Fellaini combo very shaky - hate to say it, but Pogba was missed today. Defensively, Valencia was completely rattled by Redmond, and Young always looked unsure of his bit. Jones was the standout performer, with several important interce
  7. It's been steady for as long as I can remember, so like you say there would be no real need to erase it in one go. Should add that Facebook and Amazon seem to be showing serious interest in securing the TV rights for the next PL season, which would only make the said revenue larger.
  8. Good game, nothing out of the ordinary, but great to see Lindelof put in a solid performance. Young was outstanding, and Blind did a pretty good job on the left too. Smalling was decent. Fellaini deserves a mention as well, as I think he did a great job filling in for Pogba. Obviously hoping that the latter's injury isn't serious, but I wouldn't be worried with the likes of Carrick and Herrera also being options. Young MOTM, Fellaini close second.
  9. Bailly at fault for the first goal; Jones at fault for the second. Bar that, one great save by De Gea, but a tepid defensive performance. Even Valencia, who is usually solid, looked weak and unsure against an albeit fantastic Choupo-Moting. Darmian faired reasonably well against Shaqiri, but offered very little going forward, and that basically made it very easy for Stoke to defend. Not sure how Lindelof would have done today, but Mourinho should have played Blind, who has been great so far. Lukaku was poor, but not as poor as the red torch in the midfield. Another bunch of misplaced pas
  10. Mahrez to United? Wouldn't be unthinkable, and let's face it, he is quality. Would definitely improve the attacking options, and as it stands United don't have a left-footed through and through winger. Chelsea and Barcelona seem to be leading the race though, and I'd rather see him join the former than leave the Premier League.
  11. Was hoping for no Russian team, but I'll take it. Spurs seem to be heading for the Europa League once again...
  12. Ibrahimovic close to signing a new deal apparently.
  13. Also, aren't you the buffoon who always praises players with strength and height? So by that logic, wouldn't Abraham be a Ballon D'Or contender by now?
  14. Hardly. I'll never justify such a fee after three relevant games. You might find that I've changed my opinion cometh the end of the season though, as that is when one usually determines player performances and respective transfer fees. As for Jones, I'm waiting for the next injury, which is when I'll tell you "I told you so" for the umpteenth time. And for the record, I never said that the man cannot play football, it's the persistent injury problems that infuriates me. The clumsiness can be pardoned as long as it doesn't hinder him from doing his job, which it often does. Regarding Pogba
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