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  1. Martins- I think that the newcastle and nigeria striker should have a rating increase to 93/94 as he has been one of the unsung heroes for nufc this season with some vital goals and deserves an increase:D Berbatov-The classy tottenham lead man was outstanding this season with goals to burn and class and skill to equal Kaka and should be a 95/96:D Drogba-Not much more to say about the ivorian but BRILLIANT 33 brilliant goals and becoming a great team man a definite 96/97:D Essien-The verstaile ghanainan was yet again another leading player for the 04/06 champions and his powerful running
  2. Re: Ronaldo vs Messi messi everytime but looking through blue-tinted glasses lol
  3. Samsid12

    accept or not

    Re: accept or not i think it depends on what positions you need to strengthen and the overall strength of your squad because if you already have an outstanding squad then you may be looking to build a youth squad for the future but you can always by messi back and often get a better deal so at this point in time i would accept.
  4. Re: SM International Stadium what about the SMashers Arena
  5. Re: Kaka To Real Madrid in my dreams would Kaka go to chelsea but realisticly i dont think he will ggo anywhere unless big big money is paid
  7. Re: New World setup have you got athletico madrid or zaragoza available??
  8. Re: need coach!!!! i really like the sound of this idea as you could hre and fire goalkeeper coaches and managers and possibly even chief exectutives and u could end up with mourinho at boston and tony pulis at Barca it would be a great addition to the game and it should affect the teams performance
  9. Re: Rate My Team Thread thanks but i rele wanna improve as i am 8th in my setup after 15games and still in both cups
  10. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Ryan Giggs giggs everytime
  11. Kaka v Ronaldinho who do you think is betr they are both awesome and i dont know who stands out???
  12. Re: Boudewijn 'Bolo' Zenden i think it would be ok to go to 88 as he played quite against chelsea (with very ordinary defending) but he may deserve a slight increase
  13. Re: Answer: Should we have an option to enter cups? i think i may understand as that what you are saying is you think that we could have a choice to enter sides in cups sey you were challenging for the league and the other cup you may not want to enter the other cup or you could enter a youth team or weakened side. is that near it??
  14. Re: Frank Lampard i think your perfectly right felix but back on topic. Lampard deserves 96 and he should be pushing 97 with 20+ goals almost every season not many midfielders boast that so how can people claim that he is not worthy of a 97 when he is a lot better than Scholes now as scholes is ageing and riquelme has never proved himself in the prem the best league in the world
  15. Samsid12


    Shevchenko: what do ppl think of his rating and how he has done which could mean is rating should drop to 93 like trezeguet
  16. Re: MIKEL, Jon Obi i think mikel could even deserve a 91 or 92
  17. Re: Rate My Team Thread that s a pretty awesome side but what you think of my barca
  18. Re: Loaned out players yeah this is a good rule i think as george said but for my likeing there are too many loans as clubs can really have a lose when playing against the side the loanee came from and they can be called back which can spoil a club's season e.g. Pompey v Chelsea Pamarot had to play rather than johnson and robben beat him everytime or hendrie being called back from Stoke when he was there best player and he was a big miss to them so i hope you see where i'm coming from
  19. Re: fantasy team yh ok soz i did that in a rush so replace j.cole for Kaka and cole 2 the bench and carvalho 2 the bench for Vidic
  20. Re: Rate my Plymouth team there are some pretty good teams there and my barca would probs get beatenn by them lol
  21. Re: Rate My Team Thread Manager Sam Cox (65) Stadium Camp Nou (98,600) Division Division 1 [8th] Form WWLWWL Squad View > General General | Personal | Financial | Statistical | Loaned Out (5) | Youth Squad (12) Info Nat Player Pos Age Rat Av Pf Con Val Tr Bn - BUFFON, Gianluigi G 29 96 7.87 100% £9.2M 4 Turns - LEHMANN, Jens G 37 93 0.00 100% £153k 6 Turns - ABBONDANZIERI, Roberto G 34 92 0.00 100% £1.6M 4 Turns - CANIZARES, Santiago G 37 92 0.00 100% £141k 12 Turns LNL JAMES, David G 36 91 0.00 100% £257k 8 Turns LNL KAHN, Oliver G 37 91 0.00 100% £129
  22. Re: Rate My Team Thread
  23. I think that the best rising stars are all over the planet and their are some pretty special players coming from south america at the mo which is encouraging and i think that everybody should look outsie of britain.
  24. Re: European Golden Boot yeah sorry but i cant put everyone on there
  25. Re: KAKA Vs C.RONALDO Ronaldo has been awesome this season but Kaka for the consistency so Kaka everytime sorry
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