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  1. Re: Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support italy r alright but they're not da team they were i can c a portugal vs france final with benzema vs ronaldo
  2. Re: Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support nah cristiano ronaldo will
  3. Well Im Supportin Portugal In Da Euro Champs As I Lyk Dere Players Ronaldo,nani,quresma,deco I Think They're Gonna Win
  4. NINIS, Sotiris 18 RM/AM 82 SAKHO, Mamadou 18 LB/CB 82 WIJNALDUM, Georginio 17 CM/AM 82 KROOS, Toni 18 AM 83 LULINHA, Marcelo 18 AM/F 82 ninis sakho WIJNALDUM kroos lulinha
  5. hes 1 his rating is 73 and hes a great young talent it is sed dat man utd r intrsest hes a F but can play wing i can see him bein a gr8 player 4 da future
  6. Re: miguel veloso and jao moutinho this is joao moutinho
  7. Re: miguel veloso and jao moutinho this is miguel veloso
  8. theese 2 r sum of the hottest players in world football at the moment they cost alot on sm but wen they move2 bigger club there ratings could sky rocket as veloso is on 90 at the minute and moutinho is rated 91 so i can see there rating goin alot higher but its up to you if u wanna spend alot of money on dem
  9. Re: anyone makin a setup nah m8 soz got valencia and ajax and porto r boring to manage
  10. if anyone is makin a setup can i hav man u or liverpool or barca plz send me a pm if i can
  11. Re: NEW SET UP- LOOKING FOR INTERESTED PARTIES can i hav a team plz im a huge liverpool fan
  12. TINYJ93


    Re: Kaka dont get me wrong hes a gr8 player but best in the world no sum day not 2day hes played well in champs league but in series a he hasn't played his best i still feel its ronaldinho or gerrard or cristiano but kaka is a world gr8
  13. its been said that anderson is a striker on sky sports news but i thought he was a attackin midfield
  14. Re: Luis Anderson luis anderson is a been branded the next ronaldinho hes played very well 4 porto this season as i follow portugal football.i feel he should go up 2 89 at least b4 he moves 2 united.and its been said united r gonna play a 4-2-3-1 with ronaldo,nani and ronaldo playin behind rooney and scholes and hargreaves in midfield or carrick and hargreaves wat do u tink?
  15. TINYJ93


    Re: should alonso go dwn? its dwn not swn sorry
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