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    live for sport mainly for football and support the mighty blackburn
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  1. Re: accept or reject cheers m8 i will accept now.
  2. this is the bid i got Player name: Alessandro NESTA (Milan) Age: 31yrs Born: 19 March 1976 Nationality: Italian Position: Centre Back Rating: 95 Form: 7-7-7-7-7-8 Morale: Average Value: £6.4M Contract: 2 Years - £75,200 per Turn Domestic Cup Tied: Yes Condition: 60% Transfer Status: UnKnown Club(s) Interested: Arsenal. Club(s) Bidding: Arsenal - £40.0M. im stuggling to decide whether to accept or reject. ihave 80 mil anyway so shall i seel him and get a better centre back?
  3. Re: Right now i'm listening to... watching the golf and listening to just jack- starz in their eyes
  4. Re: Need help or i will lose plz 3-5-2 or 3-4-1-2
  5. Re: team of the season gk- jussi jaskelinan rb- Micah Richards lb- Gael Clichy cb- john Terry cb- Nemanja Vidic lm- Cristiano Ronaldo cm- Paul Scholes rm- David Bentley st- Dimitar Berbatov st- Didier Drogba st- Benni McCarthy
  6. http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federico_Ra%C3%BAl_Laurito he is a 16 year old forward who plays for udinese in italy andwas the top scorer for the under15 argentinian team at the u15 world cup. any more info or whether he will be added to the database please reply.
  7. Re: buy out clauses i didnt say every player i sed players you hold in high regard because they are the only ones with buyout clauses like messi etc
  8. Re: Eurovision Song Contest i watched a couple of them and they were all diabolical. the british song was poor but had a foot-tapping rythym.
  9. Re: Takeovers dats a good idea i think. well posted
  10. Re: Takeovers dat would be quite good but wat money would you use to buy the club? or cud you get wages and bid after youve got enough?
  11. i get really annoyed when people dont reply to your bids or just dont except any amount of money so i think there should be a buy out clause of anywhere under a hundred million for a player or if the person doesnt respond within a week SM takes care of the deal. get back to me with the idea please
  12. Re: Rocky Balboa ivan drago
  13. this doesnt really matter but it would be good if you looked for a club in 1 league and had arrows to go up or down a league instead of going backwards and forwards every time.
  14. Re: Mark Noble 87 coz hes a good player had a good season, broken into the first team and saetup and scored a few goals
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