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  1. Yerry Mina has had a couple of average games but in general has been commanding and a much needed addition at the back. Will only get better
  2. Guys, I know Iniesta will just keep dropping going forward but when do we think he will drop next? i.e how long will he keep his 93 status. Just wondering if I can buy him now but sell him before his next review Thanks guys
  3. When are we expecting a review of the big 5?
  4. Anyone think Chiesa will get another rise in the next reviews?
  5. Guys what do we think about: Cengiz Under or Lautaro Martinez I can buy either.......which has more potential do we think?
  6. Good morning guys, does anyone have an explanation for the following? I agreed a deal to bring a player to my club from an external club only for the player to refuse to come to my club (I assumed maybe because he was a big player coming to a minor league/club. Next day another minor club bid for him and he accepted. I've never seen this before, anyone else?
  7. Anyone got any thoughts on Maximiliano Romero of PSV (FRLC)? A young 19 yr old talent that I was hoping would rise but not this time it seems?
  8. Not that easy, Liverpool always play well against City and Juve on their day are formidable. By no means a certaintly
  9. Does anyone thing Koulibally (Napoli) will rise next review?
  10. Guys, sorry if this is a little off topic or in wrong place but I've just created a new USA game world. What is the best team to take control of to give me a good income and generally have the best chance of competing? Is it based on stadium size etc?
  11. So how do you guys work out all these ratings changes, I fancy giving it a bash
  12. Alexander ISAK (AIK) rated 80 age 18 or should I swap for Houssem AOUAR rated 82 age 19
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