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  1. Re: Graphics Design Feedback it looks stretched but it isnt tbh that sig needs a lot of improvements, more blending, colors, lights, smudging and etc. just dont make a background and than post a render on it, it looks dull and boring, just try to be creative sorry if i went harsh, its the only way you will improve
  2. Re: iPenguin Graphics Thread new stuff Collab with Evertoz (my finish) v1 v2 v3 v4 Collab with OzgurVatan (my finish) v1 v2 v1 v2 Collab with DrK (my finish)
  3. Re: World Championship 10658 Match Reports and Tranfer News Genoa 0-1 Hamburger SV Hamburger SV just won by a whisker against Genoa on a Away Match. Ze Roberto's goal was the only goal that was scored in this match. Hamburger SV's Manager was looking for a replacement for Ze Roberto as he though he was to old for the team, but since he had a sensational match against Genoa he decided to leave him in the Lineup and leave the New Signing - Markus Henriksen on the bnech
  4. Re: World Championship 10658 Match Reports and Tranfer News Hamburger SV officialy signed Markus Henriksen! Hamburger SV have officialy signed talented 18 year old Norwegian player - Markus Henriksen! He has made his check and is ready train.
  5. Re: Graphics Design Feedback opinions?
  6. Re: Graphics Design Feedback two new icons, thoughts?
  7. Re: World Championship 10658 Match Reports and Tranfer News Hamburger SV interested in Markus Henriksen Hamburger SV's New Manager is searching for a replacement of his Teams 36 year old Player - Ze Roberto. "We need more young player in our Team." declared Hamburger SV's new Manager. He is thinking that Rosenborg BK's Central Midfielder, 18 year old Markus Henriksen is the perfect Player for the replacement. "He is a very talented player, i see a big future in him." said the Manager. Hamburger SV offered a bid of £5.0M to the Norwegian Football Club. _________ Hamburger SV trying to
  8. Re: World Championship 10658 Match Reports and Tranfer News Hamburger SV offering Bid to Rubin for Cristian Ansaldi Hamburger SV's new Manager hasn't hasitated and started being active on the Transfer Market. Hamburger SV have offered a bid to Rubin Kazan for Cristian Ansaldi of £13.0M. Currently the German Team is waiting for the answer of Rubin. The Russian side refused the offer and made a counter-offer. Cristian Ansaldi will transfer to Hamburger SV if they exchange Ze Roberto and Paolo Guerrero. Since Hamburger SV bought the replacement for Ze Roberto (Greg Cunningham) they are li
  9. Re: World Championship 10658 (Gonna be out in an hour) Took control over Hamburger SV
  10. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Northampton Town drew 2-2 against Lincoln City on an Away Match. They are now on 13th Place with 11 pts and 6 pts away from the first Place Team - Gilingham.
  11. Re: Graphics Design Feedback ft Evertoz ( his start) opinions?
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback just made this, what do you guys think ?
  13. Re: new GFX competition not really, i've seen many competitions with that number
  14. Re: new GFX competition i guess its 16.
  15. Re: Graphics Design Feedback opinions guys?.....
  16. Re: iPenguin Graphics Thread some new avas
  17. Re: new GFX competition cool, i'll enter than
  18. Re: new GFX competition i'll enter if i can edit: looks like i'm too late
  19. Re: iPenguin Graphics Thread yeah' date=' sure mate lol glad you liked it
  20. Re: iPenguin Graphics Thread any time guys, glad you liked them
  21. Re: iPenguin Graphics Thread Villa ava for Dylan Ritchie and Eboue ava for Benchwarmer
  22. Re: Graphics Design Feedback the Sturridge one is better imo, brilliant colors and lights, first one is nice too, but the second is fantastic, great work
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