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  1. Re: Cheating In World Championship 12975 I do not know how to report it. Can someone please tell me? Also, this guy is using a new account to join the game world, hence it theoretically "allows" him to manage two clubs in the same game world, but with 2 different accounts.
  2. Re: Cheating In World Championship 12975 Alas! He has left Dortmund. Certainly this is suspicious, or you are just being downright ignorant.
  3. I recently acquired a manager position at Manchester City. I made transfer bids which were accepted for Eden Hazard (from unmanaged Lille OSC) and Silva Neymar (from unmanaged Santos): When I checked recently, I saw these messages: It seemed unfortunate, suspicious or whatever you may call it. So I check the Game World history, only to find this: Drug Tito seems to have settled for Borussia Dortmund after a long and annoying choice-making strategy. His reputation is 40. Borussia Dortmund currently stands as his only managed club, and I will keep you informed if he makes any more switc
  4. Re: The Official Indian Food Thread havent posted here in ages, but it's time to rekindle the fire that is spicy South Indian rava tosai and masala chutney. I go to indian restaurants at least twice a month normally, always order Paneer Tikka. It's the best cottage cheese. Jai Ho!
  5. Re: What's Happened To Arsenal & How Are They Going To Bounce Back
  6. Re: Footballer starting with letter... (Game) Carlos Tevez
  7. Re: What's Happened To Arsenal & How Are They Going To Bounce Back
  8. Re: Barclays Premier League 2011/2012 Season Predictions My Prediction: Manchester City Liverpool Manchester United Chelsea Everton Arsenal Tottenham Newcastle Aston Villa Fulham Bolton West Brom Sunderland Blackburn Wolves QPR Swansea Wigan Norwich Stoke
  9. At the beginning of last season, everyone was laughing at this Facebook event called 'Liverpool Relegation Party', however nobody attended the party as it was cancelled due to 'unforeseen circumstances' a.k.a 'Kenny Dalglish'. Quite the Deja-Vu. Go on Facebook today and join in on the 'Arsenal Relegation Party' where plans are going full swing after the recent 8-2 embarrassment at the hands of Manchester United. I've got to pity Arsenal though, they've had tough matches at the start of their season and critics were already questioning the club before their season kicked off. They travelled t
  10. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion Mata has a lot to prove, and we've seen it countless times when new players come in from Europe and end up leaving in the next season or so. And, Lukaku? The kid needs a good solid 2 seasons more in a solid club (such as Chelsea), and maybe then he can be considered the next Drogba. Carroll is overpriced because he is English. Honestly, being a Liverpool fan, I certainly feel the club could have used 35 Million Pounds on someone along the likes of Rossi, Muller, Pato or Forlan (for 35 million, why not sign 2 of these guys?). Why? Because I'm sure that a
  11. Re: Stewart Downing - How he could be worth every penny.
  12. quaresman

    Rap Music

    Re: Rap Music freaks and geeks - childish gambino "you are just a dog walker"
  13. Re: DVDVIDEO SOFT Youtube to mp3 converter help best website i use zamzar.com it can download for you, change format to anything (mp4, mp3, wav, wmv...basicz everything) just put your email address and it links it to your email address after conversion.
  14. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops add me on psn : sanjaycj im on first prestige after playing a short while. it seems easier to get kills here than on mw2, except when my internet is slow, i play awfully bad. my fave setup: aug (until i can buy the AK), it's fast, powerful, doesn't shoot all over the place -extended mag -rds rpg, when they see you and are coming after you, just wait for them, you see them... BOOM. die. and you often get 2x kills at once. i use semtex, nova gas (because it tells me if theres an enemy over there - over a longer period than flashbang and stun) also use claymor
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