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  1. Hi , having played this game since 2008, the new interface has driven me out of hibernation I don't rant and rave and made very little posts in the time I have played...just got on with it... I still like to play the game With what it seems increasingly number of flaws, but for the first time I am seriously questioning renewing my gold status when it runs out. Is it really worth it ? to much of headache I can do with out ? Games should be enjoyable surely the idea ? I think SM needs to think long and hard how it keeps existing users happy as they should be regarded as the bread and butter if nothing else to keep the machine running , you loose it and your in trouble ! ! Should be trying to attract new users into play ! So I really hope common sense prevails and the old interface is modified , as you if nothing else you feel in the game and filtering the views on rating and value same time , and enjoy the news feeds , with the new I find myself thinking to hard to find the latest !! No swearing so putting my view forward Thank you !!
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