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  1. Respuesta: Re: Fluff's and Pazz' Ligue 1 Rating Thread

    Far too ambitious with predictions it seems. +2 for Sirigu just won't happen. Neither will Kallstrom +1' date=' Lovren +1 and possibly not rises for Briand/Gomis either. Kolodziejcak (spelling) won't hit 85 with such little minutes either. Dabo +1 won't happen.

    Tiene won't get +1 and I doubt Ceara will either. Bahebeck +5 is just silly really - players need to play to rise and can't just rise due to talent.

    A bit over-zealous about rises it seems, and these are from just two teams (especially in OL). Maybe you should re-consider a few of your predictions as you seem to be underestimating SM's strict criteria for a rise. Bear in mind that France has now dropped to being the 6th best league in the world too.[/quote']

    totally agree

  2. Respuesta: Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012

    Hey can you give me a prediction for these players during the next changes and there potientals if possible:

    Carrick 92-->92/91 --> sell

    Giggs 92-->92/91 --> sell now....

    Joe Hart 91-->92/91 -->great goalkeeper

    Frimpong -->80-->82/83 -->future 90+

    Flanagan --> 80-->81/80-->good prospect


    frimpong is great prospect...keep him

  3. Respuesta: Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012

    ALEX CHAMBERLAİN 83 -->85/86



    ORİOL ROMEU 86 --> 87/88



    JOSE ENRİQUE 89 -->89(small chance 90)

    MARTİN KELLY 86 -->86/87


    STEVAN SAVİC 86 -->86/87


    JAKE LİVERMORE 83 -->84/85

    TİM KRUL 87 -->88



    what is your predictions of this players points?any changes or stay?

    keep fryers ,pogba and chamberlain..they are great prospect but even know its prediction with exactitutd

  4. Respuesta: U25 RB & LB Ranking

    Who is the best' date=' who will be the best in the future and will keep there LB or RB position going forward because they usually play in that position. please add any worthy additions if you have any

    [b']Right Backs![/b]

    richards 2

    van der wiel 4

    castro 11

    ansaldi 8

    abate 5

    howdes 3

    anderweireld 10

    azpilicueta 9

    rafael 6

    jones 1great great great player

    boateng 7

    Left Backs!

    marcelo 1


    coentrao 3


    cissokho 4

    criscito 5

    alba 2

    Bale and badstuber won´t keep LB

    marcelo and alba are the best in the list .. coentrao,cissokho and criscito are good player but nothing more....

    buy or keep phil jones... he is incredible player...

  5. Respuesta: Will any of these players go up or down?

    This is a list of my team below' date=' Please could you give your Predictions if you think of these players will go up or down in the ratings.....Thanks Paul[/size']

    Cristiano RONALDO (98) --> Stay

    Wayne ROONEY (95) --> stay

    Cesc FABREGAS (95) -->95/96

    Wesley SNEIJDER (95) -->94/95

    Iker CASILLAS (95) -->stay

    Ricardo KAKA (94)--> 93/92

    David SILVA (94) -->94/95

    Mesut OZIL (94) -->94/95

    Xabi ALONSO (94) -->stay

    Giorgio CHIELLINI (94) -->stay

    Sergio RAMOS (94) -->94/95

    Philipp LAHM (94) -->stay

    Mario GOMEZ (93) -->93/94

    Thomas MULLER (93) -->93/94

    Yayá TOURE (93) -->stay

    LUCIO Ferreira (93) -->92/93

    Vincent KOMPANY (93) -->stay

    Ferreira PEPE (93) -->stay

    Edin DZEKO (92) -->92/93

    Gareth BALE (91) -->91/92

    Ashley YOUNG (90) -->stay

    Phil JONES (89) -->90/91

    Rui PATRICIO (89) -->stay

    Chris SMALLING (88)-->88/89

    good team xD

  6. Respuesta: Overrated players?

    Don't you guys think Hazard Neymar and Messi are overrated? Ronaldo is just as good as Messi and yet his rating is lower.


    Messi is better than ronaldo....you should see real matchs and no matchs of play station ^^

  7. Respuesta: Best 11


    Dani Alves--Sergio Ramos--Pique--G.Bale

    Xabi Alonso--Xavi--Iniesta--D.Silva


    Ter Stegen

    k.Walker--Phil jones--Smalling-Shaqiri

    Wilshere--Thiago Alcantara--Gotze--T.kroos

    James rodriguez--Neymar--Balotelli

  8. Respuesta: Phil Jones & Chris Smalling

    a ok ok...sorry,i don´t understand it

    really,smalling deserve 89,and kyle walker,and other players....but then,i think that jones deserve 90(he had played fantastic).

    SM rise the players slow...and i think that the next review phil jones can rise to 91 and smalling 90.....if not...90 and 89 ofc...

  9. Respuesta: Re: Phil Jones & Chris Smalling

    so why haven't they changed positions yet?

    and why has Smalling only gone to 88 when he's been more consistent for a longer period and at a higher level than Jones? he's also won a league Title. he deserves 90' date=' but surely 89 at least?[/quote']

    what? :confused::confused::confused::confused:

    smalling better than jones? you are crazy xDDDDDD

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