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  1. Respuesta: Karim Benzema 93->95 !! good joke...benzema top 5....mother of god
  2. Respuesta: Coentrao or Van Der Wiel the two players are very very goods,but i choose coentrao
  3. salvio,the new player of At.Madrid.What do you think that him?he get rise to 90 soon?
  4. i have draxler and James rodriguez,..and i want ganso change draxler + rodriguez by ganso?
  5. Respuesta: goalkeepers T.courtois de gea delac koval sirigu muslera
  6. Respuesta: neymar or balotelli neymar is very better player than balotelli
  7. Respuesta: what ratings are next?? eredivisie? league of portugal? i think that its will be the next
  8. Respuesta: thought Arsenal and Man utd were getting updated today? and....IVANOVIC,N.DE JONG AND HENDERSON...not to rise?
  9. is a great player?future 90 to end season? will he rise now?
  10. Respuesta: Premier League Predicted Rating Changes and ivanovic? rise?
  11. Respuesta: Thomas Muller or Jesus Navas?? i think that muller
  12. downing stay?rise?or drop?
  13. he will stay?drop? or rise?
  14. will he riser?how much?
  15. what do you think of him?
  16. Respuesta: Obscure rises - less well known rises for competitive leagues thanks you...very good job continue
  17. Respuesta: ronaldo for messi yes..you change ronaldo by messi.Messi is better player than ronaldo and the barça is better club than Madrid(now).
  18. Respuesta: luiz gustavo is luiz gustavo playing?
  19. how much rise james rodriguez(porto)??????`´
  20. i can buy to mertesacker...should i buy to him?
  21. do i buy to mertesacker by gonzalo castro(leverkusen) more 20M?
  22. Respuesta: gonzalo castro(leverkusen) ajjajaja si me dejara se lo cederia al river plate...claro que si...pero no me deja ceder ni un 90... toy en crisis de salarios y ni aun asi ajajaj
  23. i have a gonzalo castro(player of leverkusen) and i don´t know if sell him or keep him? what do i do?
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