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  1. Can anyone advise?? .. should i do a trade for kagawa or marin??
  2. sian22


    i have been offered a club to takeover.. but i might have deleted the action/ option message by mistake.. (i delete all msgs to clear the inbox).. How do i takeover the new club?? world championship 11317 (current manager of man city..) can anyone mod help?? TIA!
  3. Re: Insane or Insane? Porto reject €87m bid for Hulk insane.. he will turn out to be a flop if he goes..
  4. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) what the hell is up with martin kelly image?? can someone help on liverpool's team ?? thks
  5. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) can anyone help on updating the bayern munich players? another qn i have is about the jersey colours.. will the SM admin update it as well? bayern's new kit is crimson red with gold words.. and their away kit is black?
  6. Re: SM site getting slower and slower! keep getting server error msgs...
  7. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) hi.. ribery? looks god awfully ..
  8. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) oh well, thks for the little rules about the size but that can be easily done with Photoshopping the size.. maybe its just me but gomez hairstyle is abit out of date? he looks better in the recent pic..
  9. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us yes. found alot nicer ones of ribery & gomez! Pls help to update them soon.. cheers!
  10. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) how do we go about updating the pics for the game?? paste them links in this thread and it be updated? can anyone advice?.. thks
  11. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) not sure why but they screwed up some .. ie. ribery & gomez
  12. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) can someone help on bayern's team?? most of them are fine.. except for ribery!! gomez who looks like shyt...
  13. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) he just went ofr hair transplant so hence the old pic.. to add some of the pics are really horrible.. is it that diff to download official clubs photos??
  14. Re: New Features & Improvements i like the new interface!! makes it feel like a PC game aka FM, CM haha.. there are a few useful new features like search for players wit concerns so we can aim those interesting players who are unhappy.. overall its definitely a PLUS!!! keep it up guys
  15. Re: Buying a Cash Injection it will make the game pointless... u might as well play FM on your own PC .. there will be no fun..
  16. Re: player numbers that will be much appreciated...
  17. Re: player numbers this should be added feature. we can give a squad # to the player ie. 1 -50 before every season starts..
  18. Re: New Improvements/Features: Newspaper
  19. Re: Future Developments of SM to add on.. i feel the dev should allow more subs for friendly games. instead of the max 3 allowed, it should be like real life where the whole team can be subbed out, in order for the coaches to try out certain players in positions.. and to gideon, some points u have said are useful. But i disagree with some as well. IE the big clubs like Real, Barce, have big stadiums and revenue per game is alot $$ when u compare to Juv (20,000 seats) so the coaches have to balance out their wages, transfer fees vs revenue. You cant have your pie and eat it all you know? .. just my 2 cents..
  20. Re: The Real Problem unless the team managers do initiate posting in the gameworld newspapers.. most of the time its quite "dead" but i do post a few.. but there isnt much the others can do .. perhaps the dev can look into making it like facebook.. like comment on it or like etc..
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