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  1. My team's so strong but I can't seem to be winning.. Anyone help with what formation and tactics to use?
  2. I'm getting javier hernandez and nani for tevez, is it worth it? i knw tevez is dropping so im getting rid of him..
  3. Re: Suspected interface problem... can anyone help me?
  4. Re: Suspected interface problem... well.. thx anyways =/
  5. Re: Suspected interface problem... i tried clearing my caches, temp files on chrome IE firefox.. doesn't work..
  6. Re: Suspected interface problem... it doesnt work... im running on broadband also.. its loading superbly slow.. and its only SM... all other webpages, flash-based or not is working fine too.. and it works fine on my campus ****** comp, running on slow network and IE7... PS: i dun use a dongle..
  7. why is it so darn slow to load SM and i could only see words which are unusually enlarged... this happened only recently and some of my friends got the same problem too..
  8. Re: Angel Di Maria alright =)
  9. my maicon for philp lahm worth it?
  10. 19m + Bojan + John Obi Mikel for Angel Di Maria, worth it?
  11. Re: Jesus navas + luka modric = wesley sneijder? alright thx =)
  12. Should i do anything to my team? MESSI, Lionel - INIESTA, Andrés - XAVI, Hernández - IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan - VILLA, David - ETO'O, Samuel - PUYOL, Carles - VIDIC, Nemanja - KAKA, Ricardo FABREGAS, Cesc - PIQUE, Gerard - MAICON, Douglas EVRA, Patrice BUFFON, Gianluigi - PEDRO, Rodríguez - KEITA, Seydou - IVANOVIC, Branislav - GATTUSO, Gennaro - ADRIANO, Correia - PARK, Ji-Sung - RODRIGUEZ, Maxi - LUIZ, David
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