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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I wouldn't mind a swap deal involving Torres+Buffon. It's an excellent piece of deal, considering the fact that your goalkeeper is getting old. I would prefer a deal involving Messi+Buffon though but i doubt the manager would accept it. Messi is one of the greatest player i've ever seen and there is no doubt that he would shine at the next world cup :]
  2. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Wake me up when September ends - Green Day
  3. Re: Pepe Reina Reina really deserve a 94 rating but the fact that he has failed to accomplished much at the international level works against him i suppose. He's a great goalkeeper and keeps the ball out of the net pretty well for Liverpool but Casillas has also been in awesome form for Madrid for the past few seasons and is one of the main reasons why Real Madrid managed to win the La liga this season. Most notably, he almost single-handedly help Madrid win their game against Zaragoza ealier this season by forming one impressive save afeter another to keep out Zaragoza's strong efforts and n
  4. Re: Are any of these players likely to become top class? I have great hopes for Hart, mate :] he seems to be a rather good goalkeeper for his age and he's bound to get better. He's been rather impressive for Manchester City this season and i see in him a future England No.1 so i reckon that he's going have a big chance to be among one of the top goalkeeper in the future:]
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Haven been back here in quite a while...and the first thing im doing now as i get back is to give a big shout...for... We are the champions once again!!!! The King of English football !!! YAY!!! Final score Wigan 0 Manchester United 2 Chelsea 1 Bolton 1 Credit to Chelsea though as they made it go straight down to the wire:)
  6. Re: Potential Levels For Youths! yes, there are sure quite a number of utility players such as Phil Neville, John Oshea and Essien as well as players who are capable of playing in a few positions. But the fact is that none of them really play well in their secondary positions. Take Essien for example, he plays as a right back for Chelsea sometimes but his performances as a right back as never been too good and at best they can only be considered as respectable. I believe the same applies to all players. One may think that Gerard's talent allows him to play anwhere in the midfield but I reckon
  7. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Happy birthday mate:)
  8. Re: Hello All Welcome:) glad to have you here:)
  9. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Way Back Into Love - Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett One of my favourites
  10. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal Same here, it would be advantage United if they do draw at the Bridge:) United are six points ahead now:) Oh yar, and before i forget, Good luck for your test tomorrow, Rishabh;)
  11. Re: Ignasi Miquel Pons- Another Spanish Gem Great find there will keep an eye out for him
  12. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal Nah, Mascherano was on the verge of a red card since the start of the game >.< he has been snaping at the referee throughout the game before he was sent off. He shouldn't really have done that especially after the Ashley Cole incident. Plus, Bennet isn't a referee who would go easy when handling out cards. Torres didn't deserve the card though. He was being fouled all night and deserve the chance to fight his point.
  13. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal yeah, Ronaldo was wrong to dive when Carragher challenged him >.< wonder what was going on in his mind when that happened:confused: We were winning and absolutely dominating the game..
  14. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal Final result United vs Liverpool 3-0
  15. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal Ronaldo shouldn't have dived to get to try to get a penalty and let alone give a cheeky smile when he got up We are leading 3-0 and are dominating possession as well...
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