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  1. Will he change, he's finally got what he wanted - a move to a top 4 side once again, and has played really well since joing Chelsea, slotting well into their system. Playing in 12 games since his move, 3 goals and 4 assists, back with a starting place in the French national team, will he increase?
  2. Bojan Krkic How High Should He Go? I think a 87 is reasonable, but higher would not be unjustified.
  3. In my setup I have a good defence with Gallas, Carragher and Kolo Toure. However my formation demands one of those three to play right back. Here's their ratings for anyone who doesn't know: Gallas D 94 Carragher CB/RB 94 Toure CB/RB 94 Basically I want to know whether a CB/RB or a D is better at right back. Cheers
  4. Re: Best/loudest fans in britain It seems you've overlooked that survey is 2 years old Check these out -> http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/article.html?in_article_id=73059&in_page_id=43 http://hotlist.uk.msn.com/sport/football-fans-on-the-bawl.aspx As you can see, the loudest fans are of course those of Sunderland AFC. And seeing how we're up and down, not chasing any trophys, yet still get higher average gates than Chelsea , I think this gives a good case for best fans as well Say what you want, the facts are there.
  5. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 2 The thing about your dependency on minutes played for rating changes, is that it does not reflect the quality of the performance, for example, someone playing only half the games may have been immense after coming back from injury, yet the player who filled in for them may have played more minutes but turned in several average performances. Example : You have Dickson Etuhu rising to 86, playing 1331 minutes. However, you also have Kenwyne Jones rising to the same amount. Now I regularly see Sunderland play, you may not have, but Etuhu is extremely poor, especially in comparison to the form and ability of others you have rated at 85 or 84. It's no coincidence that he hasn't played in the last two games Sunderland have won. Just a suggestion that you should not just base your ratings changes/opinions of players predominantly on their time on the pitch. It may have no relation to their contribution to the team.
  6. Re: Olano Xabi ALONSO! - Overrated! Alonso now down to 94 - not sure he deserved that, especially after his display against derby, he was immense. With Sissoko, he didn't deserve a decrease. Should have stayed at 95. I think those who have voted a decrease in the poll have him at a rival in their setups However, in response to others I think that Iniesta is now a 95. And he hasn't been knocked out of the team by Yaya Toure, seeing how they're playng in the same team. He has displaced Deco as one of the more attacking midfielders alongside Xavi.
  7. Re: Momo Sissoko...Decrease??!! He was fine at 91. Saw him against Sunderland and he controlled the game, thoroughly deserving his goal.
  8. Re: Van Persie (and a few others) Looking back I agree now that Pato was increased a bit too much. Maybe to around the 87 mark.
  9. With the England rating changes coming up, here are a few players that I think deserve a ratings increase/decrease Van Persie - increase to 94. His pre-season performances were outstanding, and now as Arsenal's main striker he will score even more, as he has shown already. He also possesses a fantastic technique and can pull off some great tricks (v Inter, pre-season Emirates Cup). He can be put amongst such strikers as Toni, Klose and Trezeguet, yet his unique skill makes him better when on current form. Shevchenko - decrease to 94. His lack of recent first team action and incompetence in front of goal in the Premier warrants a slight decrease, only his true ability should save a bigger fall in rating. Ballack - decrease to 94. Same reason as Shevchenko. Gerrard - increase to 98. After dragging Liverpool all the way to another CL final, completes pre season with dominating performances and is twice the player of almost every other midfielder. Also scored goals in Rotterdam Tournament. Proved he can take brilliant free kicks (v Aston Villa) Is indispensable to both Liverpool and England. Not England Based. Viera - decrease to 94/95. Even after Inter's unbeaten season, he looks less and less of a force, more of a shadow of the player he once was. Iniesta - increase to 95. More and more first team opportunities have allowed him to show he's just as good as Deco and Xavi, yet he's still young and able to further improve. Recently described as 'the best player to work with' by Henry. J.Zanetti - decrease to 92. Shown in Copa America how his experience cannot cover his lack of pace, and is not the player he was. Maxi Rodriguez - increase to 92. After long term injury, now back to full fitness, showing at the end of last season and in pre season tournaments how he's still got his 2006 World Cup ability. Kaka - increase to 98. Now the most sought after player in the world. Abidal - increase to 93. After transfer to Barcelona, looks to be a far better player than van Bronckhorst, also a 92. Alexandre Pato - increase to 90/91. A 20 million euro transfer to Milan and the Youth World Cup performances for Brazil show how 'the duck' is Brazil's answer to Aguero. Discuss
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