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  1. Re: A new Forum filled EC (English Championship 7777 Coming Soon) count me in
  2. Re: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - The next Saints Star
  3. Re: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - The next Saints Star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is going to be one hell of a good player, already a lot of premiership interest on the young lads shoulders. I personally hope he stays at Southampton for a few seasons though and doesn't rush himself into going to a premiership club (Look at Delph, from being a top player for Leeds to barely making an appearance in the prem) As much as I would love a player of Chamberlain's potential and quality at Wolves I think he will end up going to someone such as Everton or maybe Newcastle but fingers crossed he stays at South
  4. Been searching for a thread for the EC3063 and haven't seen one so I decided to make one. Come here to talk/banter over your teams. I think I'll start it off by pointing out that I am dominating Division 2 with Wolves and I'm already looking forward to competing in Division 1 with Johan Elmander continuing to score unbelievable amounts of goals (Current top goalscorer out of all 4 divisions).
  5. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread Some very good points in that. I still believe we can stay up this season, it is so close it is unbelievable, a couple of wins and all of a sudden you are looking like you're in a comfortable position. We all know our boys on their day are a hell of a lot better than B'ham and WBA so we can get 6 points out of them two games, I'd except 4. Then our last two games, Sunderland away, could be tricky wouldn't really expect to get anything out of that but if we play like we can then it could be a very good point. Blackburn at home last game of the season, we al
  6. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread We definitely need a new centre back, Stearman isnt good enough and Craddock doesnt seem the same player since his injury and we always buy top strikers who can bang them in for other teams but just dont seem to be able to score for us. Poor form of late hopefully we can pick up a vital 6 points from the next two games.
  7. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread That's great news Guedioura is a top player, Kightly in contention for the Villa match!
  8. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread You're boys can count themselves very lucky today some very poor referee decisions! However saying that it was a very entertaining game and one Dean Richards would be proud of.
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