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  1. Re: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - The next Saints Star

    The only team i can see Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain joining is Arsenal' date=' i just hope it isn't yet as i think if Theo Walcott had stayed on at Southampton for another season he would be much more developed now for both Arsenal and England, what Arsenal could do to beat off the interest from other clubs, is bid for him now and leave him on loan at Southampton next season where he can gain more experience at a higher level(championship) and then when he finally joins Arsenal he will be that bit older and more mature and most importantly he will have another full season under his belt whereas he would probably get between 8-12 games with Arsenal.[/quote']

    I can't see him even getting that many appearances if he was to move to Arsenal, he would just spend the season in the reserves which wouldn't be good for his development.

  2. Re: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - The next Saints Star

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is going to be one hell of a good player, already a lot of premiership interest on the young lads shoulders.

    I personally hope he stays at Southampton for a few seasons though and doesn't rush himself into going to a premiership club (Look at Delph, from being a top player for Leeds to barely making an appearance in the prem)

    As much as I would love a player of Chamberlain's potential and quality at Wolves I think he will end up going to someone such as Everton or maybe Newcastle but fingers crossed he stays at Southampton and builds himself up gradually, as well as helping Saints in the Championship next year.

  3. Re: Phil Jones

    what a great constructive and intelligent post.

    i also like the original and witty remark of "manure."

    i dont support man united' date=' but people who disrespect any club in such a way instantly tell me their IQ is on average fairly low.

    people like to hate big clubs just for being good, at least come up with a good reason to hate liverpool, united or city.

    not just because fellow ignorant fat people who follow football do.[/quote']

    Oh that made me giggle, Well said.

  4. Been searching for a thread for the EC3063 and haven't seen one so I decided to make one. Come here to talk/banter over your teams. I think I'll start it off by pointing out that I am dominating Division 2 with Wolves and I'm already looking forward to competing in Division 1 with Johan Elmander continuing to score unbelievable amounts of goals (Current top goalscorer out of all 4 divisions).

  5. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    That's not true' date=' Blackpool has played easier teams so far, as you cansee by our run in. There is still 4 games to go and I guarantee we will finish higher than Blackpool.

    I don't think we'll walk it, but there is teams like Leeds and Milwall in that division who, with all due respect, are terrible.[/quote']

    Couldn't agree more Jack, The fact that all three promoted teams from League one last season have all been up there so I think that itself proves that the championship is worse than it was two years ago, Look at Norwich, they have a very poor team and yet they have just earned automatic promotion. If they was in that league when we won it with that team they would be fighting for their lives, same as Leeds and Millwall would.

    If we do get relegated we will go straight back up, no doubt about it. However we need not worry about that as we are going to stay up, we will pick up 6 points from our last 3 games and survive. Whereas Leeds will stay in the championship and have a mediocre season next season.

  6. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    Some very good points in that.

    I still believe we can stay up this season, it is so close it is unbelievable, a couple of wins and all of a sudden you are looking like you're in a comfortable position. We all know our boys on their day are a hell of a lot better than B'ham and WBA so we can get 6 points out of them two games, I'd except 4.

    Then our last two games, Sunderland away, could be tricky wouldn't really expect to get anything out of that but if we play like we can then it could be a very good point. Blackburn at home last game of the season, we all know Blackburn have been very poor this season, they have been out played in the majority of their games and when they pick up points they have to scrape to get them, we KNOW we can beat Blackburn at home.

    We have teams in and around us left to play, teams we know on our day we can wipe the floor with, it certainly isn't all doom and gloom just yet and it is going to go right down to the wire. It's going to be tense stuff but we are use to that, why else would we be Wolves fans if we didn't enjoy the stress of it all lol.

    Let's get behind the lads and cheer them on to safety!

  7. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    i hope he does well' date=' definetly overdue, his selection for england that is

    i think we will stay up judging on recent form and a bit of finger crossing

    got to admit signing o'hara on loan was a very good move and i'd be more than happy to see him sign a permanent deal if possible

    (only just come across this thread so keeping it on topic as such)

    i don't rate karl henry at all, he's a decent championship player but is found lacking totally every time when i see him play in the premiership

    his only thing, like his forte as such was tackling/breaking up the play and since that infamous red card he can't even do that anymore, i mean he was never put there with the intentions of pinging passes to all corners of the pitch mccarthy knows this he just hasn't got the capabilities, so if he's not doing what a player of his type is expected to do then do get shown up more than say other positionally placed players

    hennessey is top draw and will be for years but hahnemann needs the boot total oxygen thief

    plus in my opinion we need a new spine to the team ie a new cb to go with berra, a new cm and a new proper cf [/font']

    We definitely need a new centre back, Stearman isnt good enough and Craddock doesnt seem the same player since his injury and we always buy top strikers who can bang them in for other teams but just dont seem to be able to score for us.

    Poor form of late hopefully we can pick up a vital 6 points from the next two games.

  8. Re: Hi ALL

    Hi everyone my name is John. I just joined forum' date=' been playing the game since october last year and I thought I might join the forum.:)

    And how are you all?;)[/quote']

    Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy it.

  9. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    Ref robbed us' date=' Hutton should of been red carded for a professional foul, and there was nothing wrong with our other goal.

    Fletch, Ebanks-Blake and Doyle all amongst the goals now, O'Hara is back next week. Future is bright.[/quote']

    Yeah our boys are starting to hit some real form now, also Kightly scoring last night for the reserves and looking very fit. Fingers crossed he should be able to come back for the end of the season and give us a huge boost but it will be tough to break back into the team for him with Hammill playing very well.

  10. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    Just seen the highlights' date=' would love to see the ref explain why it wasnt a red card because all of the "last man", "goal scoring chance" etc etc applied to that foul.

    Wolves were amazing I thought, created tons and tons of chances.

    That was NEVER a foul on the GK either lol , if anything Gomes fouled the player!

    Hope Wolves do stay up even tho they provided me with one of the worst nights of my life this season :P I think there a great club (even before they came into the EPL)

    Great header for the 3rd goal as well[/quote']

    The ref came out at half time and said he didn't send the player off because he didn't see it as a clear goal scoring opportunity!? Even if it wasn't (which it was) it was still last man and therefore should have been a straight red. He allowed the Spurs players to talk him out of the red. Also there was another one that they didn't show on the highlights where Gallas pulled Ebanks-Blake down being last man and again another in the last minute where Ebanks-Blake would have ran on and scored and got pulled down.

    The result at your ground was amazing for us (especially with my girlfriend supporting Liverpool) lol.

    Thanks for the kind words I think we will stay up this season, still got Birmingham, West Brom and Blackburn to play which based on recent performances could be 9 points quite easy, also Villa away in the next game could pick up at least a draw there. All going well we shall see you next season :)

  11. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    IF we stay up' date=' I can see us in Europe in 3 or 4 seasons. With the stadium development making us about 43k seater, we can be BIG.[/quote']

    I hope you're right, I would be ecstatic if we become a strong force in Europe.

    Felt we was robbed by poor referee decisions today but our boys played there hearts out. A game fit for Deano.

  12. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    Nothing to worry about atm.

    Baggies have a REALLY hard run in' date=' and we're playing them at Home later in the season.

    WHU will stay up.

    Blackpool are on the down now, so are baggies. Our run in is pretty decent.

    Birmingham - Up

    Wolves - Stay up

    West Brom




    Fingers crossed, to be fair West Ham have too many good players in their team with experience to go down I reckon, but if they keep Grant then they are in trouble next season, if we manage to survive this season I think we will be up for a long time, especially with the teams in contention for promotion, all reletavely easy teams to beat.

  13. Re: Best Premier League Season ever? Or Worst premier league season ever?

    As a Wolves fan I have mixed emotions about this campaign, it's had it's ups but also a fair few downs.

    Obviously getting wins against Man City, Man United and Chelsea at home and the win at Anfield have been fantastic moments for me.

    But on the other hand the fact we are still in the relegation zone even though we have played the best football I have seen from Wolves in a long time is very frustrating, probably the worst part is losing on the double against Wigan and throwing away the win at West Brom in the final few minutes.

    All in all though the premiership this season has had some excellent surprises and a great amount of goals to chuck into the mix, either side of the table is still wide open (albeit Man Utd running away with the league). The champions league/europa league spots are still undecided and same has to be said for the relegation as well, we are in for a very exciting end to the season.

  14. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    A few disappointing results for us today in West Ham winning and also the West Brom result was the worst we could have hoped for in that game.

    Now we need to beat Spurs by two or more goals to get out of the relegation zone and even if we just win by the odd goal and go above Birmingham they will have two games in hand over us.

    I think tomorrow's game will finish a score draw, 2-2 would be my prediction but if we win fantastic.

  15. Re: iPhone app

    Just thought i would tell you guys something what SM said on Twitter.

    ''we are looking into creating and releasing a free app at some point during 2011.''


    Fantastic news, fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later, would be a huge benefit definitely :)

  16. Re: The Premier League Team of the Season so Far!

    Bolton have been the ones who have surprised me the most, Probably Arsenal as well I didn't even expect them to finish in the top 6 this season but they are still in with a chance of the title. Only thing with Arsenal is they can't beat the big boys.

    My team Wolves have surprised me with our performances in games but that doesn't show in the way the table stands at the moment, I think we will have a few surprising results from now till the end of the season and finish higher than most would expect, well I'm hoping anyway lol.

  17. Re: Hey all

    Hi I’m new' date=' Just started soccer manager and am already liking and hope to stay for a long there for becoming a gold manager but the main reason I became gold manager was because I wanted to create my own league and i can only do this by phone so I was wondering if there was any way for me to create a league with my phone. (And I know this isn’t meant to be here but I’m a bit confused atm) thank you[/quote']

    Welcome to SM and the forum, hope you enjoy yourself on here it is a really great game and the forum is just as good.

    Keep yourself active and I hope you have success in your league etc.

  18. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread

    Great game yesterday' date=' was in SL3 as per.

    Stearman, Berra and Elokobi were good in defence, Zubar looked shakey at times, but when Foley came on for Hammil he helped track back.

    O'Hara is the best player I have seen for a while.

    Edwards was good yesterday, never stopped running and had some really good creativity.

    Ebanks-Blake needs to start with Doyle now, they compliment eachother really well and Blakes first goal was all down to Doyle.

    Blakes 2nd goal was class, showed his finishing skills.[/quote']

    Zubar and Edwards out for tomorrows game and no O'Hara due to his loan conditions so I think we definitely have to give SEB a start tomorrow, he is a great player and always knows his way to the back of the net I don't see why we don't start him more often, definitely deserves the chance.

    Good to see Kightly back taking part in the reserves the other night, fingers crossed he can return to first team before the season end and give us that little boost in the relegation battle.

    Big games this weekend in Birmingham vs Albion and West Ham vs Stoke, hopefully the results in them games can give us a helping hand.

    Up the mighty Wanderers and let's make the Deano tribute one to remember just like the man himself!

    R.I.P Deano!

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