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  1. Re: Albion Are stuffed Just been reading this thread from start to finish and as you can Probably tell I am a fan of your arch rivals. However as much as it pains me to say this I believe Albion have had a good season so far (regardless of current position) and I firmly believe you have enough about you to survive this season, you've brought in some recognisable talent on the cheap and they have done a decent job for you so far. One mistake I would say your team has done is getting rid of Di Matteo at such a crucial point in the season, I think he was a very good manager for you and I can't
  2. Re: iPhone app It would be a fantastic idea to bring out a soccermanager app, I got my iPhone the other week and I love it but I have no real need for my computer now as I can get most things I do on my computer on the iPhone but it is a bit fiddly to use soccer manager on, dont get me wrong I still do go on sm on my iPhone (I'm on it right now) but an app would make things so much easier and would be good for the game as it would definitely make the site a lot more appealing go new players. We should start a online petition, either on here or twitter and try make the owners of the site take
  3. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread I have to agree he hasn't been as good since he's playing on the cautious side unfortunately and injury hasn't helped him either' date=' he played pretty poor today but so did the majority of the side to be fair, fingers crossed we beat Albion next week though. I tried looking for one but couldnt find it so decided to make one thanks mate fingers crossed we do stay up, just need to start picking up point s against the teams in and amongst us, hopefully it can start next weekend.
  4. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Thread Karl Henry is a top leader on the pitch and Milijas is a great player I agree Great result for us against Man Utd, another big game at Arsenal this weekend, come on Wanderers!!
  5. Just noticed there doesn't seem to be a Wolves thread on the site so I thought I would be the one to make one So I think I'll start it off with a very troubling subject for Wolves fans everywhere, do you think we have enough about ourselves to avoid the drop zone this season and if not will we be able to keep our top stars?
  6. Re: Players Of The Future Gael Kakuta is also another player for the future, very skilful!
  7. Re: Players Of The Future Phil Jones of Blackburn Rovers is definitely one to keep an eye on, he's only 18 years of age but already is slotting right into the team at Blackburn, will certainly be a great player given a few years.
  8. Re: Wolverhampton Wanderers Sig Thanks very much
  9. Wolverhampton Wanderers Sig Could anyone please make me a Wolves sig, If so I just want something pretty basic but nice. Preferably with Karl Henry on it
  10. Re: A Promising Young Defender? Another good one considering bringing him in as well.
  11. Re: A Promising Young Defender? Thanks for the suggestions, I've took one off of both and gone for Dejan Lovren and Andrea Ranocchia both £6million offers.
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a promising young defender for my Wolves team, I've got £18million to spend and I've already strengthened all other areas of the pitch by bringing the likes of Robbie Keane and Johan Elmander etc. Any help would be greatly appreciate as I could really do with strengthening the defence before the weekend
  13. Hi, I'm new to SM today and I was just wondering if there is a Blackberry application for the game? The reason I ask is because I will be on the game mostly via my phone and I haven't seen anything about an application and an application would make it a lot easier and faster for me to play the game, any help would be great
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