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  1. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Hello boys and girls I want to announce my retirement from the game, after 5 seasons in charge of MK Dons. I've got a tired of some things, the main is this game and especially this team, which is taking too much of my time. I've enjoyed this game world but it's time to make changes and let someone else to take MK Dons to a new level. I had some good results with my team, getting promoted twice in first two season and winning some trophies on the way. The next 3 season in division 1 never matched previous achievements and could not take my team to another level beyond the average. There have been some very good offers in last few weeks but I've already decided to leave (thanks to all for the offers and the good words) Finished 11th this season just 6 points behind 4th, so tight and competitive is division 1, could have been better but still I'm happy. Finally in the last season managed to get wins against Chelsea and Tottenham which usually hammered my team. Other game I will remember was first season cup win against ManU, my second team averaging 78 sneaked in 1-0 win against ManU reserves. Sorry for the bit sentimental journey, it was fun, I enjoyed it. I liked my team from the start, I managed to put together a decent division 1 side and hope it will go in good hands. I hope to be back in charge of other team in couple months time. There are many good managers in 7046 and I wish good luck to all!
  2. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) didn't check if already mentioned Gergo LOVRENCSICS - 60 rated 23 yo hungarian wing/fwd who moved this summer to Lech Poznan one of the best polish sides and already played two scored one in europa league 1st round quali have also plenty of minutes from the last two seasons in Hungarian league (lower rated teams but still high 70s) don't expect him to get rise any time soon but if he gets more minutes in polish league he can go up nicely worth a try on 60 rated wages
  3. Re: League Review History oh, could have been a mistake let me check again my records
  4. Re: League Review History Absolutely brilliant idea! Romania- march 2011 Israel- september and may 2011 USA- september and january 2011 Colombia- july 2011, august 2010 one more Paraguay- july 2011, july 2010
  5. Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues) Wanted to post the same just waited till my bid in 7046 gets accepted (got him already in 7777 ),it took SM only 30 hours to accept my bid and I have a feeling SM are just being lazy and didn't check him properly before adding to db Well done guys for this great tread!
  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Hello lads, haven't posted here for some time now Hope everyone have enjoyed last season. First of all congrats to Jooles for winning the league and to everyone else on winning their promotion/trophies. MK Dons season was short of a disaster, finishing 16th just two points above relegation. First half of the season went well stayed in the top half and on few occasions getting into or very close of top 4. Second half of the season is just one to forget, last 13 games without a win and picking up only 6 points I'm getting now few PM's regarding some deals so just to let everyone know I'm always open to any offers, even the bad ones but can't be bothered too much about making deals and don't get easily convinced to do any, simply I like my team below MK Dons loan list 3&4 division preferred Junior Paulinho - Northampton Philipp Wollscheid - Wycombe Bibras Natkho CM/RM 88 Philippe Coutinho AM/Wing 86 Georginio Wijnaldum AM/Wing 88 Veli Kavlak Wing/AM 86 Diego Costa Fwd/AM 87 Pierre-Michel Lasogga CF 85 and few others lower rated
  7. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Hi guys! Didn't get any reply so I try once more. Just took over Kettering Town, previous managers have left the team in red with only 21 players. Anyone can help me out? please buy of me any player with two others going my way to increase my team to 22 so that I can buy and sell and make this team better. I can repay any lose you will make on this deal. Thanks!
  8. Re: Spanish Championship 7046 Discussion Thread some interesting transfers going on, wish i could afford to buy like this so far my Guadalajara have only two players worth mention Bernd Leno - wanted ter stegen but was too pricy and a big gamble in Novakovic all the others are just youngsters slash risers but more will follow and i cannot help but wonder about the original managers, some didn't login for couple days now, they are for a big surprise when (or if) they login
  9. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread hello lads, I've just take on Kettering Town (div 5) and I need to ask fellow managers for help my team balance is on minus and have a squad of 21 would anyone buy any player from my team with two others as p/e going to Kettering? cheers guys
  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Happy holidays everyone Long time since I have been here, way to busy this days. is anyone interested in Drogba deal? ideally I would need a replacement, he got as expected -1 to 94, that's still fine for me but his value dropped by 10M so I'm thinking of selling him to external and cashing in on the big offers Hope for a win tonight and getting back to the top half of the table
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Evans 88 and Wijnaldum 87 are now available for loan from MKD for the rest of the season (depending on injuries etc.) Preferable to smaller/lower leagues teams, bids will be accepted before tonight games
  12. Re: Worldwide Risers Good thread You can add Bashkim Kadrii no photo Age:20 Position: Wing/Fwd Club: Odense BK Rating: 78 Predicted Rating:83 (+5) Last rating change: 10-02-2011 he is playing for denmark club odense bk, finished second in the league last season, just now they have beat panathinaikos in europa league quali stages Bashkim has played more than 1000 min, 12 matches, scored 1, assisted 4 since last changes plus 3 games 267 minutes in the new danish league season that already started, in addition he played 3 game for danish u-21 side this summer and scored 2 goals in his last two games, one in league game on saturday and another one today in europa league today. He is bit pricy but danish league changes should be done soon, within a month time as usually have been done every six months and I think he should get +5/6 allowing for nice profit, I have snapped him for all two of my teams
  13. Re: The EC 7046 Formation Challenge hmm lost 3-2 again The idea of the formation tryout works well it was close it both matches but it is not something I would try in league game tracker now updated accepted now, sorry somehow I didn't see your invitation before
  14. Re: The EC 7046 Formation Challenge d**n, lost 3-2 with Jooles but it was close game
  15. Re: The EC 7046 Formation Challenge MK Dons Formation Challenge Fixture List Week 1 - Thurs June 9th: Middlesbrough 3 v 2 MK Dons Week 2 - Sun June 12th: MK Dons 2 v 3 Man City Week 3 - Thurs June 16th: Fulham 0 v 0 MK Dons Week 4 - Sun June 19th: MK Dons 3 v 0 Hull City Week 5 Rest/Catch Up Week: Thurs June 23rd Week 6 - Sun June 26th: Sheff Utd 2 v 1 MK Dons Week 7 - Thurs June 30th: MK Dons 1 v 5 Carlisle Week 8 - Sun July 3rd: Blackpool 2 v 0 MK Dons Week 9 - Thurs July 7th: MK Dons 0 v 3 Leeds Week 10 Rest/Catch Up Week: Sun July 10th Week 11 Rest/Catch Up Week: Thurs July 14th Week 12 - Sun July 17th: Millwall 4 v 1 MK Dons Week 13 - Thurs July 21st: no game Week 14 - Sun July 24th: MK Dons v Derby - confirmed Week 15 - Thurs July 28th: MCharlton v MK Dons Week 16 Rest/Catch Up Week: Sun July 31st Week 17 - Thurs Aug 4th: MK Dons v Burnley - confirmed Week 18 - Sun Aug 7th: MK Dons v Middlesbrough - confirmed Week 19 - Thurs Aug 11th: Man City v MK Dons Week 20 - Sun Aug 14th: MK Dons v Fulham Week 21 Rest/Catch Up Week: Thurs Aug 18th Week 22 Rest/Catch Up Week: Sun Aug 21st Weeks 23 & 24 Fixtures To Be Confirmed: Thurs Aug 25th & Sun Aug 28th Kapitan Formation Tracker 3-2-2-2-1 3-3-4 3-4-1-2 3-4-2-1 3-4-3 3-5-2 4-1-3-2 4-2-2-2 4-2-3-1 4-2-4 4-3-1-2 4-3-2-1 4-3-3 4-3-3(W) 4-4-1-1 4-4-2 4-4-2(D) 4-5-1 5-2-3 5-3-2 5-3-2(D) 5-3-2(S) 5-4-1 Key: Green = can use , red = no longer available
  16. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread thats ok, I don't usually loan make loans for one game etc. it just happened that i have loged on to the forum and saw your message
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I can loan you Carlton Cole ( yeah I know I have him) just put the bid in if you want him
  18. Re: The EC 7046 Formation Challenge its cool with me
  19. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread my chairman is mad, I'll be more than happy if I can stay up in div 1 Konoplayanka is still available for loan div 4 or 3 only but I haven't decided for how long maybe only until his TB is up maybe longer
  20. Re: The EC 7046 Formation Challenge me too still in
  21. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread well done to all who have won promotion today (and all who have won it before today), especially for leeds manager who with i had dealings in recent weeks, he is a decent lad just probably won't be that keen on selling reina anymore and to aldershot, good to see team with one of my players doing well tough luck for all who didn't make it and i agree with shack, just keep it going guys and next season will be yours and i'm not worried i will not win any awards, i blame jooles he'd put me as div 2 winner in he's pre-season predictions so by this standard i have under achieved Jooles can i vote for me self as under achiever?
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