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    Kapitan Kloss got a reaction from Geoffrey in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
    Hello boys and girls
    I want to announce my retirement from the game, after 5 seasons in charge of MK Dons.
    I've got a tired of some things, the main is this game and especially this team, which is taking too much of my time.
    I've enjoyed this game world but it's time to make changes and let someone else to take MK Dons to a new level.
    I had some good results with my team, getting promoted twice in first two season and winning some trophies on the way.
    The next 3 season in division 1 never matched previous achievements and could not take my team to another level beyond the average.
    There have been some very good offers in last few weeks but I've already decided to leave (thanks to all for the offers and the good words)
    Finished 11th this season just 6 points behind 4th, so tight and competitive is division 1, could have been better but still I'm happy.
    Finally in the last season managed to get wins against Chelsea and Tottenham which usually hammered my team.
    Other game I will remember was first season cup win against ManU, my second team averaging 78 sneaked in 1-0 win against ManU reserves.
    Sorry for the bit sentimental journey, it was fun, I enjoyed it.
    I liked my team from the start, I managed to put together a decent division 1 side and hope it will go in good hands.
    I hope to be back in charge of other team in couple months time.
    There are many good managers in 7046 and I wish good luck to all!
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    Re: 60-74 risers (divided into leagues)
    Wanted to post the same just waited till my bid in 7046 gets accepted (got him already in 7777 ),it took SM only 30 hours to accept my bid
    and I have a feeling SM are just being lazy and didn't check him properly before adding to db
    Well done guys for this great tread!
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    Re: The EC 7046 Formation Challenge
    its cool with me
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    Kapitan Kloss got a reaction from Jooles in The EC 7046 Formation Challenge   
    Re: The EC 7046 Formation Challenge

    MK Dons Formation
    Challenge Fixture List

    Week 1 - Thurs June 9th: Middlesbrough 3 v 2 MK Dons
    Week 2 - Sun June 12th: MK Dons 2 v 3 Man City
    Week 3 - Thurs June 16th: Fulham 0 v 0 MK Dons
    Week 4 - Sun June 19th: MK Dons 3 v 0 Hull City
    Week 5 Rest/Catch Up Week: Thurs June 23rd
    Week 6 - Sun June 26th: Sheff Utd 2 v 1 MK Dons
    Week 7 - Thurs June 30th: MK Dons 1 v 5 Carlisle
    Week 8 - Sun July 3rd: Blackpool 2 v 0 MK Dons
    Week 9 - Thurs July 7th: MK Dons 0 v 3 Leeds
    Week 10 Rest/Catch Up Week: Sun July 10th
    Week 11 Rest/Catch Up Week: Thurs July 14th
    Week 12 - Sun July 17th: Millwall 4 v 1 MK Dons
    Week 13 - Thurs July 21st: no game
    Week 14 - Sun July 24th: MK Dons v Derby - confirmed
    Week 15 - Thurs July 28th: MCharlton v MK Dons
    Week 16 Rest/Catch Up Week: Sun July 31st
    Week 17 - Thurs Aug 4th: MK Dons v Burnley - confirmed
    Week 18 - Sun Aug 7th: MK Dons v Middlesbrough - confirmed
    Week 19 - Thurs Aug 11th: Man City v MK Dons
    Week 20 - Sun Aug 14th: MK Dons v Fulham
    Week 21 Rest/Catch Up Week: Thurs Aug 18th
    Week 22 Rest/Catch Up Week: Sun Aug 21st
    Weeks 23 & 24 Fixtures To Be Confirmed: Thurs Aug 25th & Sun Aug 28th
    Kapitan Formation Tracker
    Key: Green = can use , red = no longer available
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    Kapitan Kloss got a reaction from sirmarkhughes in English Championship 7345 Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7345 Discussion Thread
    and welcome to you in...
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    Kapitan Kloss got a reaction from sirmarkhughes in English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
    Dons crisis continues, lost points again, 0-0 against Burnley.
    Luckily other results fell my way, although win in this match could see my team back on top
    Also again the team performance is solid as are all the player ratings but I just don't have the firepower. My strikers cannot find the net, the early season form of Carroll and Cisse is long gone and there is simply no-one else coming with the goals.
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    Kapitan Kloss reacted to Lensois in Raphael Martinho   
    Raphael Martinho

    Age: 23
    Nationallity: Brazilian
    Position: Midfielder
    Club: Catania
    His Career:

    Raphael's certainly not been following the usually pattern of Brazil (and generally world-wide) - Rapahel took the big step from the Serie D club Paulista to play for the second biggest outfit of the Sicilian island, Catania Calcio. After snubbing Brazilian giants such as Internacional and Santos, Martinho came to Europe as the first signing for Catania in the summer of '10. However, we can tape his career a bit and start of at 2007: Martinho started his career within the youth ranks of Brazilian club Paulista. In 2007 he got sold to the Monte Alegre outfit, Votoraty. However, he was sent back on loan to Paulista. In June 2009, about a year before the move to Italy, Raphael Martinho returned to Paulista.
    There's the background of this Brazilian fella'.
    On the 14th May 2010, Lo Monaco, the sports-director of Catania who is know for making prestigious spendings from South America for a low cost (Vargas and Jorge Martinez, for instance), suprised the Italian footballing fans with the signing of Martinho. Not only beacuse of the fact that he took the direct jump from Serie D back in his native Brazil, but he was an unknown player for the Calcio fans - not to mention the average fan of Brazil.
    Martinho has been used every know and then this season at Catania. Both Giampaolo and Simeone, who took charge of Catania after Giampaolo got fired, Martinho has been given some chances every now and then. Most notably comes Martinho performance against Palermo in the Sicilian derby to my mind. Martinho played on the left-midfield position in a 4-4-2 formation and had the assignment of taking Cassani out of the game and support Biagianti in his battle against Migliaccio on the central-midfield. Luckily for Martinho, he managed to do good work of his assignment. Unluckily for Martinho and Catania, Palermo also have two individuals called ''Pastore'' and ''Ilicic''.


    Raphael can handle both the wingback (to the left), the defensive-midfield position and the left-midfield role as well. So we are talking about a very versailte player here. His characteristics is the work-rate and the clever function of both knowing when to attack and when to control himself and stay calm in the defence. He definately needs to work with the consistency, as he could be phenomenal for about 3-4 games and then be awful the next 3-4 games. However, he is still ''raw'', so I guess he'll mature with the age (and assuming he'll get regularly playing-time).
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