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  1. Re: A guide to the different types of SM player how about the victor meldrew manager (me) every week his amazing team with an average of 93 gets beat by bottom half of the league teams and draws with most others despite tinkering with tactics. Log in, view match report, look at score, shout "I dont belive it!!!"
  2. Re: The best buys from next leagues:france,germany,england,spain,italy yep! that is true!
  3. Re: The best buys from next leagues:france,germany,england,spain,italy Boring haha:p
  4. Re: The best buys from next leagues:france,germany,england,spain,italy Chris smalling!
  5. Re: Arjen Robben well thats a good squad! after seeing that id be inclined to swap Robben for Schwinestieger, cuz you can remove fletcher and put in Schwinestieger and replacxe Robben with Walcott who is due a rise from the poor 88 to atleast 90 in the next review which is soon. that way your spine of the team is amazin= CB 96,93 CM 94,94 FWD 95,93. Just play the ball through the middle and budda bing you'll trash teams. Plus having Higuian and Walcott isnt exactly a bad thing on the wings!
  6. Re: Defence Revamp get cavani quick, he's due for a rise after storming Seria A! as for CB, any of the young germans are a good bet, Hummels, Tasci, Badstuber,Reinartz, Howedes, all young and excellent prospects
  7. Re: Arjen Robben i'd kep him but i have Tevez and Schwinestieger in one of my teams and both get 7-10 ratings every week and Tevez is a goal machine up front and Schwine has plenty of assists but little goals. So i guess it depends on the rest of your squad and where you play Robben. If you play him upfront id try and get tevez to partner him up there. But then agaoin Aguero is class too... tough decision mate but if pushed id say Tevez would be my choice purely for goals. hope that helped
  8. Re: oxlade-chamberlain cuz he plays for southampton in LEAGUE 1 zzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. Re: Key Game Improvements i agree, much better now
  10. Re: Raul meireles to 92?? but he has moved to a worse league, liverpool are in the prem!
  11. Re: Ricardo MONTOLIVO wont rise, 13 appearences so far this season with no goals and not really playing as well as last season enough to justify a rise, he should stay 91 cuz he is good but just dont be surprised if he does slip to 90
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